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Technology Integrated into Education Systems

August 20, 2015

MAKO Design 6 Invent loves that technology is always advancing to be integrated across various industries. Our home of Canada is constantly striving to improve our learning system through the use of cutting edge integrated technology. Such implementations can often be welcomed with some hesitation, but with some effort from our school boards and our teachers, these technologies eventually become widely accepted.

The typical elementary school classrooms are slowly diverting from the classic desk room layout to large tables. Tablets and smartphones are being used in some classroom settings in Canada, with dangling cords from the ceilings to cater to charging needs. These implementations can change the learning method, allowing kids to learn and play at the same time, while giving them the ability to access information on the go. The new system can help kids focus and learn in a more in-depth manor compared to before while teachers are given the freedom to teach in different settings. Subjects that were harder to understand and explain such as math can now have physical representations that can be played with on tablets.

Educators are given the opportunity to now used integrated technology and show educational contents from YouTube and Google, which were once blocked from school due to the fear of inappropriate contents. With advanced filters, the school is able to block unwanted websites and only allow relevant sites. Educators also tweet and have videos taken of the learning development of their students in active classroom settings. Children can now show their work to their parents and get feed back from them by displaying it on their iPads. New adjustments such as “Bring your own Device” policy are being implemented onto students in the U.S. Although equity is a huge concern for the school board, they are arranging deals that could get parents to purchase iPads for fifty-five dollars. Children can now learn from indoors and outdoors and are not restricted to one area. Flexible spaces and the elimination of the typical barrier that were once formed between students with desks are changes that will enhance the level of learning experience.

Schools around the world like Africa have been making use of iPads by teaching straight from the device. The blended learning style is being brought into our education system where our lives from school, work and home will be just a blurred line away from each other. Children can now utilize personal blogs and pages to tweet and upload their own work for grandparents from across seas to see. This type of support structure is what we need to have to help children excel in school. MAKO is proud to see that our technology can be implemented into our daily lives for educational purposes and bring children closer to a new learning experience.

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