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Young Invention Maker Develops Water Filter

September 3, 2015

Water pollution has been a major problem in many developing countries. Sewage and water filtration systems are often costing countries millions of dollars and the lack of sanitation is only getting worst. Housing units are built within industrial factories with the disposal of electronics and toxic waste into the surrounding water. The cross contamination between the harmful chemicals and water often creates hazardous environments for residences residing in these areas. Recently, an 18 year old student from our own home of Texas created a graphene nanotube filter. The heavy metal system is able to filter out 99% of all dirt and chemicals water. Due to his revolutionary technology, invention maker Perry Alagappan has won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize award. With all the toxic waste that developing countries produce, this filter will undoubtedly be a game changer in the industry.

The tube is structure from graphene nanotubes that can be rinsed using vinegar concentrate. The filtering system that is embedded within the tube can refine pure metal components that are trapped within the tube and can be used in different ways while highly toxic waste evaporates.

The Invention maker’s Inspiration from his Hometown India

Alagappan was inspired by his visit to his grandparents in India, where he witnessed the high level of contamination in water. He refuses to file for a patent as he would like individuals to benefit from his technology on a global scale. The invention maker believes in the joinery among countries that will bring forth a greater change for the population. Alagappan is hoping that his reusable filter becomes a popular replacement for old-fashioned water taps.

There is always a demand for sustainable inventions that are designed to benefit the greater population. As industrial development continues to skyrocket, metal waste and toxins will only multiply as time passes by, and water contamination can be very problematic. MAKO loves supporting talented, young invention makers as they become the leaders of tomorrow. We are extremely proud of the support that our Texas community provides to young entrepreneurs like Alagappan!

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