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Wearable Tech Design Petpace

September 10, 2015

Pet lovers value their pets and often consider them to be a best pal and a member of the family.   They provide their owners with unconditional love, whether they are away from home or with them. Ensuring that your pets have a healthy lifestyle and improving their quality of life is of utmost importance. For the safety and security of pets, owners usually link a tracking device or a live monitoring system to them to keep track of their well-being. Oftentimes the difficulty lies behind the lack of communication as it is sometimes difficult to determine if your pet is feeling sick or in pain. MAKO Design + Invent loves seeing a company like PetPace, who produce innovative technology to disrupt the pet industry. PetPace invented a monitoring collar that gives you a full detailed synopsis of your pet’s health. Located in Burlington, Massachusetts, PetPace set out with a goal to improve the way we monitor our pets’ health. The collar tracks the vitals by gathering information from the physical and behavioural welfare of the animal. Co-founder and veterinarian scientist Dr. Asaf Dagan believes that the wearable tech design will be a game changer for the veterinary industry, where the suffering of pets can be reduced and potentially avoided. Pets that are undergoing long term treatment will benefit significantly as PetPace monitors the physical activeness of the pet and help their owner regulate their eating behaviour accordingly.

How the Wearable Tech Design Works

The wearable tech design is worn as a collar, relaying data that highlights health conditions to an app on your smartphone. By gathering data from the respiration, temperature, pulse, activity and position that your pet is in, the wearable tech design will notify owners if their pet is in an abnormal state and needs immediate veterinary attention. Irregularities that are sensed within the device will trigger your smartphone through text messages or ring tones. It is fully customizable by the owner. For specific illnesses, the owner can program it to cater to any symptoms that they might feel is concerning.

PetPace offers clients extensive medical care, where even when the pet leaves the hospital, the veterinarian can still look at the vitals through a web device. Given this information, even when there are some miscommunication between the owner and the vet, the quality of time that is needed to explain the problems can be sought after in the data gathered about the pet.

With such a revolutionary veterinary device, many conditions that pets may have can be detected at an earlier phase, and treated much quicker. MAKO love supportive devices that give individuals peace of mind. PetPace will advance the pet industry and provide reassurance to pet lovers. Owners can now easily ensure that their pet is in a content and active state.

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