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Innovation Company against Sleep Deprivation

September 11, 2015

Supporting a community is one of the most important aspects in our industry. As an innovation company, MAKO is passionate about building a stronger community that can impact multiple industries, our economy, and most importantly individual lives. We love to see our innovation partners sharing the same passion in improving our communities, and Samsung is a great example of that. The innovation company has been harvesting a new technology that is geared towards solving sleep deprivation. Medical professionals are constantly advising us about the importance of sleep and the risks associated with sleep deprivation. Sleep depreciation is an ongoing global issue that can heavily impact the overall quality of our lifestyle. Samsung’s SleepSense is designed to target and help individuals with poor sleeping quality to reclaim the sleeping that they require. The prototype that Samsung has created is used to solve sleeping issues by detecting the user’s heart and respiratory rate. Samsung links the device to their smart phones for the user to access information about their sleeping patterns.

The Innovation Company’s Design Concept of the SleepSense

The device is a paddle shaped sleep sensor that is the perfect size for anyone to tuck under his or her pillow. Embedded with Piezo censors, the device can be used to detect vibrations and heart rate. The paddle gives the users articulate information about their sleeping patterns, such as at what time they were in deep sleep and when they were almost woken up at. The system takes data on specific scenarios such as how long it took for the user to fall asleep, the sleeping efficiency, and how many times you got out of bed. SleepSense makes a connection through the smart phone app via blue tooth. While rating the user’s sleep quality from a rating system out of 80, the innovation company has said that SleepSense’s measurement of a user’s respiratory system has 97% accuracy.

To make the product more efficient and advantageous, the innovation company wanted SleepSense to improve upon these occurring sleep problems. They plan to connect the device to the individual’s unit surrounding, so that it can have access to turning off the television or even turning on the ventilation system. So if the user is about to go to sleep, SleepSense will automatically turn off the lighting, or turn the air conditioning on to cater to their sleeping patterns.

With this forward thinking device, many technological progressions can be created centering the household and our smart phones. We can’t wait to see the impact that SleepSense will have on our community.

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