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A Holographic Industrial Product Design Projector

September 16, 2015

The evolution of technology plays a substantial role in how we live our lives. We are strongly influenced by the advanced technological products that surround us and are becoming more and more reliant on trending technology. Remember those crazy high-tech gadgets that we see in movies like Star Wars and Mission Impossible, which made us all wonder how crazy it would be if we could get to own it? With innovative inventors and passionate engineers, we must say, that almost anything we saw and thought was impossible is made possible with the technology and research that we have today. This is what contributes to our daily drive at MAKO; it’s the knowing that we contribute to this constant innovative growth, which was once considered impossible to obtain.

The Holus is a great example of this. The interactive holographic projector turns anything from your mobile phone to your laptop into a 3D projection. Industrial Product Design created by H+ Technologies, is something that we have seen many times in sci-fi and futuristic movies and can now be purchased for our own homes. Dhruv Adhia, Vincent Yang and Yamin Li are graduates at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver BC who have always wanted to enhance the connection between the digital world and the physical world. The Holus is determined to bring back the “Social Campfire”, where technology brings people together instead of the typical social isolation that sometimes comes as a result of social media and gaming consoles. By using voice, hand gestures and different types of motions, Holus aims to blend the digital world and the real world by converting any digital content into a 3D holographic experience . This ground-breaking technology will create a new world between how we process digital information and provide us with different ways to give and receive information from one another.

Building a Relationship with the Industrial Design Product

The Holus includes a simple and minimal design, which promotes eco-friendliness and cost effectiveness. The designers wanted to eliminate isolation and stagnation of human movements. The focal point of their industrial product is to promote human relationship while having the device sense human motions. The Holus can be used in different types of scenarios to help engage users. It can be used for business and educational purposes, game designs and social interactions. With numerous possibilities, along with the Middle Ware support that is integrated within Holus, the device can connect with any mobile phone or laptops. The system itself is compatible with many designing programs including Unity 3D and Unreal Engine giving users the ability to create 3D models and holographic games. The possibilities for Holus are endless. Having a holographic industrial product design that is able to adjust to any device and occasion according to users’ preference can be a true breakthrough from the digital world.

We love working on products that bring us closer to our childhood imaginations. And the Holus is the perfect example of what once was an imaginary and far-fetched idea that can now be used to impact our everyday lives.

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