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PetBot: Another Product Design Client Success Story

As a product development firm, MAKO Design + Invent understands the importance of innovation. It does not always derive from the idea of developing revolutionary material that has never existed before. In fact, oftentimes, innovation becomes as a result of taking an existing concept and revolutionizing that concept to create a successful product design invention that suits a completely different market.

There was a time not too long ago where artificial intelligence was a figment of our futuristic imagination. Today, it is we have such intelligence embedded in the latest technological devices that we use and depend on, on a daily basis. Though it has become a very common concept, product designs that use artificial intelligence never seize to leave us in awe. Considering its innovative and recent development, we know that individuals have plenty of room to further explore this concept, and develop products that become game changers to an industry.

The Petificial Intelligence Product Design

Our friends and clients at The PetBot did exactly that! Their successful product design invention uses what might be considered as artificial intelligence to allow for communication between pet owners and their pets—a concept they call, petificial intelligence.

Last month The PetBot Team launched their petificial product design on the Indiegogo platform in hopes to get funding for the production phase of their product development. This month, we are extremely proud to share their joy as they raise over $80,000 on Indiegogo. We look forward to helping them move to the next phase and helping them deliver this incredible and successful product design invention to pet owners. Congratulations PetBot, we can’t wait to get this on the market!

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