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Tech Innovation for Golfers

December 2, 2015

At MAKO Invent, we believe that enhancing performance requires strategy. Our Team understands the value of coming up with the perfect strategy when managing their projects, developing designs and prototypes, or simply working on their daily tasks. Strategy is not just critical for our industry, but it maximizes performance across multiple industries, including sports. Athletes are constantly working to improve their performance by measuring their results for precision and accuracy. For sports like golf, it’s important to know certain angles of a golf club, and the speed at which the club is being swung, so players can improve their skills. That’s what motivated ULIKE CREATIVE INC. to create a tech innovation like Ti.ttle, a device that provides real time data to golf players. ULIKE CREATIVE INC. is a high-tech IT company, founded in South Korea that specializes in IOE services. They launched a Kickstarter Campaign that has successfully raised $71,911, with only 25 hours to go.

Features of the Tech Innovation

Ti.ttle is a hands free wireless tracking device that can be attached to your golf club and record important data to help golfers perfect their swing. The device allows users to improve their skills in a short game by enabling them to review their results on the Ti.ttle screen after every swing. With a single tap on the screen you can use Ti.ttle to view the carry distance, head speed, swing type, club path, and face angle. The tech innovation can analyze data from a different array of swing types such as the pull hook, pull, pull slice, draw, straight, tail away fade, push hook, push, and push slice. If you double tap the screen, Ti.ttle switches over to your golf course information, so you can view the next hole number and the distance to that hole. Another feature that makes the device promising is the Ti.ttle app that accompanies the device, so you can view all of the same data on your smartphone. The Ti.ttle app also uses a GPS-tracking device to display all the relevant information about the golf course you are currently playing in. If that’s not enough, you can also use the app to find golf courses near you, or around the world.

If going to a golf course is not an option for you, Ti.ttle solves that problem by providing golfers real time data to improve their swing from the comfort of their homes. Ti.ttle also allows users to decline their phone calls and check their text messages, without breaking golfers from their zen.

With its vibrant lime green color, to its sleek touch screen, Ti.ttle may be a small mobile device, but it picks up a lot of relevant data for golf players. MAKO loves that the power of tech innovation is driven from so many different global communities who develop products to make an impact in people’s lives.

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