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Product Design by Truckers Only

December 10, 2015

At MAKO, we love supporting our friends who are seeking new business ventures to expand their horizons. Developing strong partnerships and implementing new strategies are some of the best ways for business owners to maximize growth. We are passionate about fostering growth for innovative individuals to help them reach their full potential. Recently, we spoke to the new Toronto product design incentive, made by Larry Whan who once had an idea to create customizable portable bedding for truckers to get the rest they need for their mobile lifestyles. After five years of hard work his idea is now known as Truckers Only!

The complete set of Truckers Only includes a pillow case, two sheets and a comforter with a unique design. It is designed to be a universal fit, allowing for a good night sleep for truck drivers on the road. Currently the set comes in warm and vibrant colors that represent the company’s brand. Larry has also been fulfilling orders made by some of North America’s largest trucking companies, like Peterbilt, that request to have customized branding on his product.  The next big business move for this new Toronto product design business is to have Truckers Only partner up with companies who can help design customized bedding.

As someone who is quickly gaining the interest of the trucking industry, Larry understands the importance of partnerships. As he has come a good distance in his business, expanding his partnerships with firms that can provide him with modern business practices is a great way to continue his rapid growth. He currently has a fully operating website where the product is sold between $49.95 and $59.95. He wants to take his online presence a lot further by implementing ecommerce strategies to digitize his company.  Larry is working on growing his manufacturing connections in China, and the overall aesthetics and product design. As a strong believer in constantly improving his new Toronto product design strategy to continuously build a stronger company, he plans on making an all-encompassing change for Truckers Only so that it includes graphic design capabilities, manufacturing, and the digitization of his firm.

As a partner, working with Larry will open a lot of opportunities to work with leading trucking and RV companies. As a long-term goal, Larry plans to expand his new Toronto product design capabilities by designing a higher-end product for RV’s.

At MAKO Design + Invent, we love supporting our local innovators, and new Toronto product design companies who share our passion for product design and development. Larry’s passion for his product goes beyond allowing him to grasp new opportunities to stay relevant in his market; his passion allows him to be a game-changer in the trucking industry. His luxurious portable bedding provides trucking companies with the ability to be distinct and establish themselves with world-class reputations. We love supporting friends like Larry, because we understand the challenges and rewards behind changing an industry!

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