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Luuup: Product Development for Pets

March 9, 2016

Product development is not only about creating a product from scratch, it’s also about improving and redesigning an existing product to make it better and more functional. Our philosophy is to develop the most functional and simplest product designs for our clients. It’s always important to remember that product design is not limited to appearance, but a significant part of it is user experience. A Toronto-based company has been working on Luuup, the new version of the traditional sifting litter box. The Luuup litter box is tackling the issue that every cat owner encounters with picking up and getting rid of their pet’s waste.

A Very Functional Product Development

The original version of the Luuup litter box was already a success as it sold over 2 million units. We love it when our friends revisit and revamp existing products for the better even when they are already appealing to the public. Luuup creators developed a functional and practical way for users to get rid of their pet’s waste in just a couple seconds. The new Luuup litter box is a three-sifting-tray litter system. The identical trays were designed with slots at the bottom and to be stacked on each other. The way it functions is rather identical to the way a strainer works. To clean the litter box, the user has to lift the first tray to filter the waste and let the clean litter fall to the tray below. The remaining solid can then be easily thrown away. Once emptied, the tray should be turned 180° and re-stacked at the bottom for a new and clean litter box.

The idea behind this product development is to avoid all the time spent cleaning a litter box that will never be as clean as you wish it to be. This innovation is also a great way to save clean litter thanks to its efficient sifting system. The modern and sleek design makes the litter box blend in perfectly with your household items and brings a fresh touch to the traditional litter box.

The success of this product development is impressive as Luuup litter box is one of the top-funded pet products on Kickstarter. Cat owners will be able to get their unit in May 2016. Every pet owner loves their animal and wouldn’t have it any other way. Product development is providing better solutions to make living with pet roommates even more enjoyable.

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