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Roccbox: A Product Design for Barbecuing

March 16, 2016

The taste of that barbecue roast meat is unique and such a delight for any foodies. However, barbecue enthusiasts know the pain of having to wait endlessly for their food to finally be cooked. For MAKO, efficient and functional design for a kitchen device is essential to improve the user-experience and offer individuals the best product possible. This is what a UK-based company achieved by developing Roccbox, a portable stone bake oven and a very modern version of the traditional barbecue. The performance of this product design is almost as perfect as a commercial traditional stone hearthed oven.

The versatility of Roccbox allows cooking almost anything: bread, fish, meat, vegetables, and more. One of the best features of the stone bake oven is that it can cook a restaurant-quality 12-inch pizza in 90 seconds. This has been made possible by designing the oven to reach temperatures up to 930°F (500°C) in 15 minutes. The device was designed to be fueled by either gas or wood, giving the user the choice of the cooking method.

The stone bake oven is equipped with a gas or wood burner at the back of the oven that creates a flame which rolls across the top, cooking the surface of the food. The temperatures can be very high inside, however the outside of the oven remains safe for the users as it is not dangerously hot and won’t burn the hands. The casing is covered with robust stainless steel layers with heatproof insulation and a protective silicone jacket. This product design is lightweight and compact thanks to its folding legs, making it transportable by anyone and anywhere. “Making it possible for anyone to own a stone bake oven with even the smallest outdoor space and a limited budget has been a dream of mine since I started The Stone Bake Oven Company 6 years ago”, says Tom Gozney, Roccbox’s inventor and CEO of Gozney Ovens, the UK market leaders in wood fired, gas and combination stone hearthed ovens.

Roccbox’s Indiegogo campaign started this week and is already successfully funded. The shipment is set to start in June 2016. Backers will be able to enjoy their stone bake oven just in time for the summer! MAKO supports innovations like these which offer the user the quality of products that was then only reserved to professionals. This product design is probably going to disrupt the traditional barbecue industry.

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