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Averley Suction Bowl & Mat

As a product development firm, we have a strong focus on consumer products that add significant value to a niche market. Our clients are truly motivated and passionate about their ideas and help us develop a product that is distinguished in an industry. A great invention is a solution to a problem. Who better than inventors that can identify day to day issues and try to find ways to solve them? Our clients, William Kwok and Athena Tam came to us with an invention idea that targets both parents and babies. They invented Averley, an advanced suction bowl system, designed to stick to a placement mat for children. Parents know the struggle of trying to feed their child without making a mess of the tray and the kitchen floor. Our clients, Athena and William, were inspired by their experience with their baby and thought of a clever way to make the life of parents easier.

A Solid and User-Friendly Product Design Designed for Babies

The suction mechanism keeps the bowl firmly attached to the mat so that babies cannot lift it off and ultimately throw it on the floor.

This product design is quick and easy to set-up thanks to its snap and release buttons. The Averley bowl comes with a lid, making it easier for users to store food in the refrigerator or transport it anywhere without making a mess or using food wrap. The material used for the mat is made of FDA approved food grade silicone making it safe for users. The materials used on the Averley feeding bowl and mat are durable and designed to be both dishwasher and microwave safe. The lip inside the bowl is ergonomically designed to help children learn and easily scoop food. Averley provides an efficient, clean and safe experience for feeding children, especially for the parents who are on-the-go. There are several types of high-chair trays and each has different dimensions. The Averley Suction Bowl and Mat was designed to fit most high-chair trays.

Why the name “Averley”? It stems from the contraction of Athena and William’s children: Averie and Wesley. Athena and William have launched their Indiegogo campaign this week providing backers with a variety of early bird promotional offers. Supporters have the choice to choose between 3 different color combinations and will receive their unique Averley Bowls in October 2016. At MAKO, we have had the pleasure of working with the co-founders of Averley and love seeing that our design and prototyping services have helped them come this far. We look forward to seeing them reach their funding goal and see their invention on the market!

Check out their promotional video below:

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