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KNOCKI: Control IoT Devices from Any Surface

The Internet of Things requires users to use their smartphone to control and operate their connected devices. There’s no break from the phone and it has to stay in the pocket or on the table next to the users. At MAKO, we love innovations that make life easier for users and we support solutions that can give them a break from their smartphones. A Texas-based company called Swan Solutions developed Knocki, a connected device that turns any solid surface in your home into a remote control. This smart device allows users to control every connected device without using a smartphone or a computer but by simply knocking on a table, wall and other solid surfaces.

Game-Changing Device for Children, the Elderly and the Disabled

Knocki has up to 10 pre-programmed knock patterns that are assigned to a specific task (turn on a light or unlock a door etc.). Knocki allows the user to receive a text message when someone knocks at their door or when the washing-machine has stopped. This product has been compared to The Clappers that enabled individuals to switch lights on and off by clapping their hands. With Knocki, users are given many more options, especially in this era of connected devices in homes.

It uses non-acoustic sensor technology to ensure it only recognizes knocks from users and not vibrations from other sources. This innovative device is not just made for “modern” families and tech enthusiasts; it can also enhance the comfort of elderly people and individuals with disabilities by providing them with an easier access to their connected devices. “It’s the kind of device that could be a game changer for families with young children, the elderly or disabled”, said co-founder Jake Boshernitzan.

The use of Knocki can go beyond the home as we could imagine it being used for example in restaurants; a simple knock on the table to call the waiter or request the cheque. Within only a few days after the launch of a Kickstarter campaign, the inventors have received a phenomenal amount of support. The funding has reached 1680% of its initial goal. It is expected to ship by the end of 2016.  We are looking forward to seeing Knocki disrupt the home connected industry and change the way people interact in their homes.

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