Clever Invention Soundlazer to Direct Your Music Only To Your Ears

Soundlazer VR: Innovative Directional Speakers

June 7, 2016

For individuals working in an open office environment, it can be challenging to have music on without colleagues constantly changing the volume. Putting on headphones is a smart solution; however, it has its drawbacks. Long term use of headphones can quickly become uncomfortable and it disconnects users from what’s going on around them. To tackle this issue, Richard Haberkern invented a directional speaker called Soundlazer VR. This is an overhead speaker that directs music straight to the listeners’ ears without disturbing others. This clever invention eliminates the need for headphones in the office and the discomfort users start to feel after a few hours with the headphones on.

clever invention

No more annoying your co-workers with your music choice.

Your Own Personal Cloud Music: Clever Invention

The directional speaker resembles a light suspended from the ceiling with length-adjustable wires. The clever invention design is very sleek and blends in perfectly with an office environment. This new product design uses a patent-pending planar wave technology. This means that the sound is reflected off a transparent acrylic linear parabolic reflector and directly aimed towards the users. This product design creates a “personal cloud of music” for the user beneath. Step out of the way and you will only hear background noise. This is quite convenient in the context of an open office. The Soundlazer VR connects via Bluetooth, so there is no need for cumbersome wires. In terms of performance, it has a full range of 150Hz – 20,000Hz frequency response. Watch the pitch video below:

Soundlazer: A Clever Invention For Your Ears

The only drawback we see regarding this clever invention is that it has to be mounted on the ceiling. This is not very practical and it can take time to install.  The Soundlazer VR also comes in a desktop model called Soundlazer Junior, which is smaller and easier to install as it’s meant to sit on the users’ desk.

With an already successful campaign on Kickstarter, the shipping date is estimated in October 2016. At MAKO, we love seeing products like these speakers which will make the lives of many individuals working in an open office space easier and more pleasant.

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