Engineering Design Philosophy is Very Simple to MAKO

Brilliantly Simple: Our Engineering Design Philosophy

Brilliantly simple design. Our words to live by at MAKO Design + Invent. As technology advances, so does contemporary, clean design and thus, engineering design advances with it. The key is to ensure designs remain simple, not simplistic. That is eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak, operate or function. Simple engineering designs are more likely to be understood, less likely to fail during prototyping, easier to fix during product 2.0, and more likely to succeed in the market place. Check out our commandments on keeping it simple with engineering design:


engineering design

Brilliantly Simple Design


Less is more:

Strip away the non-essentials of the engineering design so it lives in a simple, clean state. Your job as the designer is to ensure it remains this way and continues to function as intended.



Make it intuitive:

Simple engineering design shouldn’t need to be explained. Users should gain a thorough understanding of the product through intuition and exploration.



Manage resources:

Most of your resources should be applied at the beginning stages: concept designs, 3D CAD’s, renderings, etc. If done properly, the steps of the engineering design process come together quickly and efficiently in the final stage of prototyping and production.


engineer design

3d CADs



Make simple clever:

Product usability and aesthetic relate directly to product success. Communicating a product’s features in a creative way paired with simple engineering design and functionality increases the probability of success.



Make it Contemporary:

In addition to the use of ease and product function, the overall product aesthetic should have a contemporary feel. In our commandments, contemporary and modern are two different themes. Contemporary design is dynamic and borrows inspiration from many different themes and eras whereas modern design is fixed to one time-period.

Everything relating back to our golden rule: Brilliantly simple design. What do you think of our MAKO Design Commandments?

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