Consumer Product Design for Moonlite: The Storytime Projector

Moonlite: The Future of Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories have always been a staple in any young family’s home. It’s a time to connect, explore imagination and develop creativity in both parent and child. With all the developments in technology, consumer products, and product design, there was an amazing opportunity to elevate this experience and supercharge bedtime stories.

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Natalie Rebot, inventor, with daughter Chloe

Moonlite’s Inspiration:

The idea for Moonlite came to its inventor, Natalie, when she was reading bedtime stories to her daughter and product inspiration, Chloe. To keep Chloe engaged, Natalie used the flashlight from her phone to create shadow puppets on the wall while telling a story. And then she thought, “What if I could create images on the wall to make bedtime stories even better?” The Moonlite was born. Check out Natalie’s Kickstarter campaign:

The Product Design:

Moonlite’s product design features smooth lines and soft finishes to appeal to the child’s eye. The first-ever mini-projector device contains a photo reel, which is sandwiched between a rotated disc. The pastel colour is attention-grabbing and glows in the dark to add an element of fun.

There are colour recognition swatches for app integration, including full high-definition images as well as sound effects for a full audio-visual experience. The adjustable lens allows the user to focus the image designed to fit perfectly on an iPhone or Samsung. The pad at the back offers further security, adhering to the back of the device.

consumer products

Moonlite story reels feature all of your childhood faves.

Words From Our Designers

“We really enjoyed working with Natalie on this product design,” says Robert Colgan, Senior Industrial Designer at MAKO Invent and designer of Moonlite. “After a few product designs and 3D CAD’s, we knew Moonlite was going to make a splash in the market.”

Moonlite’s Kickstarter campaign launched yesterday, December 6th with a goal of $20, 000 and has already been reached in one day! Congratulations Natalie and Chloe – Moonlite is a product design success!

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