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Engineering Feats of the 21st Century

Today marks the end of 2017’s National Engineering Week. As an engineering design firm that works on developing products every day, we want to extend our appreciation to our team and all other engineers. At our engineering design firm, we have electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineers. But the field extends so much further, to chemical, civil, and more. With that, we’ve rounded up some of the greatest engineering feats of the 21st century to celebrate engineers of all industries!

1. Large Hadron Collider

CERN Engineering Design Firm

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider

Completed in 2008 by hundreds of extraordinary minds, LHC is one of the most advanced research facilities ever designed with the sole purpose of proving or disproving the existence of the Higgs boson particle and other particle physics related theories.

LHC accelerates two high-energy particles in opposite directions across a 17-mile ring to make to them collide. The aftermath of the crash is where the engineering magic happens.

2. Mars’ Opportunity and Curiosity Rovers

NASA Engineering Design Firm

Mars’ Opportunity Rovery CAD Design

The two rovers are a marvel of contemporary engineering. Both were designed to brave the inhospitable planet’s environment in their quest to study soil, rocks, atmospheric conditions, and microscopic particles to assess the possibility of human colonization. The entire planet may owe this engineering design firm a huge thank you one day.

3. Burj Khalifa
The tallest free-standing structure in the world is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with its 829.8 m (2,72 2ft) length. Everything about the structure from engineering design firm is record-breaking: highest number of stories in the world, highest outdoor observation deck, highest occupied floor, tallest service elevator, and longest elevator travel distance.

4. 3D computer-aided design (upgrades)

3D Printed Car_Engineering Design Firm

3D Printed Car at 2017’s CES

Yes, this software existed before the 21st century. However, the developments of the software over the past 10 years have allowed us to render high res images made of hundreds of sub-components. The CAD software of today allows engineers to shorten design cycles by recreating working models in a manipulative medium to test all parameters and conditions prior to production. A huge win for every engineering design firm across all industries!

5. 3D Printing
For those of you who believe that 3D printing is just a fringe technology overhyped by an enthusiastic maker community, think again. Industrial 3D printing is poised to significantly and permanently disrupt global production. No longer just a tool for rapid prototyping, 3D printing is now being used for end-use part production and adoption is growing exponentially. The bottom line is the advantage of 3D printing is permanent: complexity is free. It is possible to print single parts that wouldn’t be viable with traditional techniques such as injection molding. New York-based Ark Invest finds early market opportunities, and has chosen 3D printing as one of its focus industries projecting it to be a $40 billion market in just 3 years.

These engineering advancements of the 21st century show the magic that engineers and engineering design firms can bring to life. With the century only just beginning, the best news is our greatest advancements are yet to come. What do you think engineers will accomplish this century?

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