4 Product Design Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

4-Must Listen Podcasts for Inventors and Product Developers

Whether you’re just sketching out the beginnings of an idea, or you’re already building out your prototype with us here at MAKO Design, building up your knowledge base is always helpful when it comes to next steps. Staying in-the-know when it comes to product design trends, how to choose a product design firm, marketing insights and other useful information, will only add to your ability to make sound decisions and come up with bolder ideas.

A product design firm gets their inspiration from anywhere.

Look for design inspiration anywhere and everywhere for new and innovative ideas.

One of the best ways to keep up with the industry or just generally learn new things, is by listening to podcasts. In case you’re still missing some good ones on your earbud roster, here are a few worth tuning in to.

For Selecting a Product Design Firm or General Product Design

There are way too many excellent design-specific podcasts to count, or to list here, but there are a couple that stand out from the pack.

A product design firm knows functionality paired with a simple design makes gold.

In one episode, 99% Invisible dives into how the Rotary Clothesline, invented by a WWII veteran, literally became a National Treasure in Australia.

99% Invisible – Host Roman Mars explores feats of design and architecture that often go unnoticed, digging into how they came to be and why there’s often more to them than we think. A fascinating listen into the effectiveness of design and how ideas can take shape. A favorite at our product design firm!

The Product Startup Podcast – Filip Valica dives into product design from a do-it-yourself perspective, catering to the small business or startup innovator. Through interviews and tips, his podcast offers great insight into how you can build up a small business around your new product idea.

For productivity and inspiration

The Tim Ferriss Show – Tim’s podcast has gained an impressive following and for good reason. He has been able to sit down with some of the world’s most productive people for some very candid interviews. From famous actors, authors and musicians to athletes and business leaders, he takes a close look at their habits and breaks them down to better understand how they’re able to get things done so efficiently, and successfully. A few of us at the product design have read Tim Ferris’ books and can agree the podcast is just as good!

A product design firm knows the importance of functionality and design.

The Afterschool podcast discussing the latest in design, including this beauty topic covering furniture that hides.

Afterschool Podcast – Produced by Core77 and hosted by Don Lehman, the Afterschool podcast is full of insightful interviews with a focus on design from all angles. Episodes range from looking at the creative process to discussing industry trends and beyond. As a product design firm, we know inspiration can come from anywhere, which is why it’s always important to know design trends in every industry.

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