An IoT Design Firm's Take On Key User Experience

The Importance of User Experience to a Great IoT Design Firm

Like the digital landscapes we spend a lot of our time in, product design has also started to pay closer attention to user experience. Especially when it comes to IoT and our IoT design firm. For connected products, the ease-of-use isn’t strictly tied to the physical product, but needs to exist at every touch point. That includes the product’s interface or any integrated apps on other connected devices.

Consider these important UX principles to guide your product or consult with our IoT design firm.

IoT design firms know the important of both UX design and the physical hardware design.

Products everywhere are becoming smart and connected with others speaking to the importance of UX and hardware design.

Always remember: there’s a User in there

Obvious? Maybe. Easy to act on? Maybe not. UX might spell out the fact that your end-user should be considered throughout the ideation process, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to lose sight of that when you’re buried in the thick of your idea.

When it comes to our IoT design firm, we always consider several factors. Think less about the “What if my product could connect to the internet?” and more about the “How can my product help make an experience better?” Context is king for IoT products, which means taking into account things like your consumer’s whereabouts, time of day, or seasonality.

Extending your focus beyond someone’s interaction with your product, and into the data that surrounds that interaction, will give you a fuller view of how your design might fit into a consumer’s day-to-day.

An IoT design firm designs UX with user and connectivity in mind.

Connectivity spans from the home, to electricity, to banking and everything in between. With all this connection, there remains a need for a a connecting device that manages it all.

Our IoT design firm focuses on both the platform and the product

This might be one of the most fascinating parts of IoT products. Similarly to having a contextual focus, consider that your product is now part of a living digital ecosystem. In a space where real-time and personalization are steadily becoming an imperative, your product’s functionality will also include its integrated content.

Being able to adapt, upgrade and expand on your initial design through integrations and additional software, is just as important. Taking a service-based approach to your IoT design will definitely help solve for these factors and our IoT design firm can certainly help with this approach.

If you have more questions about IoT design, our IoT design firm, or are looking to get your own ideas off the ground, our team at MAKO Design can help.

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