Our Industrial Design Services Brings the Festken Bottle to Life!

MAKO Client Spotlight: Festken Fights Plastic Waste with Fashionable New Bottle

The year was 2015 when two music festival attendees gazed over the field that was once their dance floor. While all the movers and shakers made their way home, the field, once full of lush green grass, was now littered with nearly thousands of tons of plastic waste.

This was Festken’s lightbulb moment. From this moment on, they set out to create a sustainable and fashionable refillable water container for music festival attendees that would keep them hydrated and significantly reduce the festival’s contribution to plastic waste. Enter MAKO Design and our world-class industrial design services.

Our industrial design services produced this final version of the Festken water bottle.

The final version of our 3D CAD of the Festken water bottle by one of our top Industrial Designers.

Festken and MAKO Collaborate on Industrial Design Services

Festken had a vision for their product. They wanted to move beyond the screw top design for a more sustainable container and increase efficiency for the drinker. They wanted it to be durable, to stand the test of time, and they also wanted it to include an LED light, because why wouldn’t you? Working in collaboration with one of our top visionary industrial designers, the Festken water bottle came to life. We put our best industrial design services to work and are thrilled to share the final product.

The Festken water bottle on Instagram @festken_official

“We are the future of hydration, designed for style and efficiency. We’re revolutionizing plastic waste one bottle at a time,” says Megan, Founder of Festken. “It was an amazing experience working with the MAKO team, who saw our vision right from the start and helped us bring it to life.”

The Modern Design of the Festken Bottle

With wear and tear in mind, the square lid designed with our superior engineering and industrial design services will always contain your beverage, even after hours of dancing, as if nobody’s watching.

The patented four-finger handle design is exclusive to Festken, which your hand comfortable for hours. Made from Tritan™, the dishwasher-safe bottle is BPA-free, BPS-free, and completely toxin-free.

Lastly, and one of our favourite features, LED lights are placed at the base of the bottle to illuminate your beverage and add a little flare to your dance moves. Since its creation, Festken has been front and centre at major music festivals around the country, helping to hydrate dancers and declaring war on plastic waste.

For more information on MAKO’s industrial design services, feel free to call, email, or stop by! We would love to hear from you. For more information on Festken’s fashionable and sustainable water bottle, the music festivals they’re making an appearance at, and awesome photos like this, check out their Instagram: @festken_official!

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