Principles for Modern Prototype Design to Surprise and Delight End Users

Principles for Modern Product Design

There are several key principles that you should think through when developing and designing a product. Product and prototype design isn’t black and white, and it’s important that it’s carefully thought through with every step of the process. Below are just some of the things you should have top of mind!

Figure Out How You’ll “Wow”

Great products will surprise and delight your audience and exceed their expectations. It’s important to think through how long it’ll take a customer to be wowed by your product. You have about three to five seconds to hook someone on your product, so it’s important in all steps of your product and prototype design that you think about how you’re going to catch your users’ attention fast.

A prototype design firm will use modern design principles to reshape common product concepts.

A hanging light takes on a new concept for a chandelier through the process of modern design.

Your Prototype Design Should Be a Problem-Solver

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to prototype design. First is that you don’t always need to create a product that is “new” and no one has ever seen before, innovating an existing product to solve a problem or new problems can be equally or more valuable.

Think About Release Time

It’s common to want to release products as fast as possible and then make changes and alterations as the designer receives feedback, although this can be valuable in some ways, it’s important that whatever you release is at its best. Don’t rush to get something out just to get it out. No one wants something that is half-assed, they want something that they can trust and know that no matter what the release or update is, it’ll be of quality.

A prototype design firm will have a timeline of events for the most realistic release date.

Work-flow process written on a whiteboard.

Know Your Competitors

This is pretty simple. Even if you feel there is no one out there doing what you are doing, it’s important in the early stages, even before your prototype design starts to take shape, that you research your competitors. Know their audience, and identify what they’re doing wrong and doing right. It’s important to understand the market you are going to get into.

Don’t Forget the User of Your Prototype

People are aware when a problem exists with your product, and they’re almost always right about that. Remember the importance of talking and listening to your users in all stages of design. They will see and use your product in a different light. The worst thing you can do is dismiss their “problems” quickly without trying to understand them.

What are some of the things you feel are important for product design? Share below in the comments!

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