When it comes to electronics design, these are key for manufacturing.

Factors That Affect Your Manufacturing Design

Manufacturing is a key factor in the success of your product, and the success of manufacturing comes back down to every stage of your consumer electronics design. Your design will help save time, cost and effort, and most importantly, ensure the best output from manufacturing as possible. However, there are a lot of factors that come into play here and these are just a few.

In consumer electronics design. manufacturing is a key factor in the thought process.

MAKO designed the Festken bottle for mass manufacturing with quality and precision.

How complex the product is

When your consumer electronics design is to complex, you create a bottleneck with assembly and can make it difficult for your manufacturer to meet your deadlines. A complex product can be attributed to a ton of different variables–from the number of PCB layers, the routing and/or placement of components, etc. When a design is too complex, it makes it challenging to maintain the product quality without increasing the production time.

Reusability of the design

When creating your consumer electronics design, it’s important for it to be future-proof. Research should be done to ensure your design allows for future changes and upgrades without having to scrap the design completely and start from scratch (and obvious time suck). By ensuring your design is future-proof, you’ll have a higher return on investment.

Consumer electronics design lead this product to the masses.

MAKO created the Petbot through electronic engineering and design, which was manufactured for the masses.

Last minute design changes

It’s basically impossible to skip critical design changes to your consumer electronics design completely in prototype testing. However, plan to take care of these last stage changes in your design for manufacturability (DFM) while also ensuring timelines are met.

These are only three of many factors you should take into consideration with your consumer electronics design process to ensure you don’t negatively affect your manufacturing stage and have a successful product.

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