Ovie Creates First Smart Food Storage System

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Consumer Electronics, Industrial Design, Innovation, Product Design

Food waste costs the average American family $2,000 USD a year. Obviously, this is a problem that many consumers aren’t aware of and a problem that needs to be addressed. Ovie Smarterware has worked with a product design studio to create a system that can eliminate waste into landfills, as well as help family save money by decreasing their food waste.

About Smarterware

Ovie has tackled a really dated system – the food storage system which has virtually hardly changed in the last 60 years. And how many times have you saved leftovers or food with full intention that you’ll eat them on a later date, only to find the container in the back of your fridge once the food has gone back? They worked with a product design studio to create Smarterware which addresses this issue.

Smarterware lets you hit a button and tag your food using your voice, then they take care of the rest. Their database knows how long your food should last and they’ll send reminders to you when you still have plenty of time left to consume it. They’ll even send you recommendations on how to use it with recipe suggestions. The device also works with Amazon’s Alexa and anticipates to eventually be compatible with all smart home systems.


Our Product Design Studio Breaks Down How it works

  • All devices are able to be fitted with a SmartTag which fits snugly into your containers or clipped onto bags.
  • The LED light on the ring changes color depending on how much longer your food has left.
  • Green = freshly tagged, yellow = make it a priority, red = toss it.

The best part is, this system created with the help of a product design studio, is all connected to an app in your phone which allows you to know what you have at home in the fridge when you’re out at the grocery store or debating what to make for dinner. Gone are the days of buying something you already have in your fridge and watching it go to waste and your money go out the window.

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Company Team

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