Team Spotlight: Demsey Kirkwood, Mechanical Engineer EIT

Team Spotlight: Demsey Kirkwood, Mechanical Engineer EIT

August 8, 2018

At MAKO, we love to feature our employees to give you a look at just how rockstar we are, our specialities, and our breadth of experience working with large multinational organizations. Our team helps us deliver top-notch product design services, so here’s an inside sneak-peek at the ones making the magic happen behind the scenes. 

Today’s feature is on Demsey Kirkwood, a Mechanical Engineer EIT. Demsey joined the MAKO team in February 2018, so we thought this is a great opportunity to introduce you.

MAKO project called Pet Bot that includes several product design services.

MAKO project that included several product design services.

How Demsey Kirkwood, EIT, Transforms our Product Design Services

Tell us what you focus on primarily here at MAKO.

I generally focus on the prototype phase in our product design services we offer our clients at MAKO. Helping our industrial designers get the 3D CAD files ready for manufacturing and supporting any mechanical engineering related questions.

One of the projects that Demsey worked on while at Moose Toys.

Tell us about your experience before joining MAKO.

Most recently I was working at Moose Toys in Melbourne Australia.  It was lots of fun and I got to work with some very cool products. The toy industry was very interesting as there was a high focus on aesthetics, fast design cycles and high volume manufacturing. Before that, I worked at Boeing in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This was completely different, I was in the research and development department working with composite materials, then transitioned into setting up robotic cells. Lots of working with new technologies or materials and lots of on the job learning. As you can imagine, their product design services were a little different from MAKO’s, but also very exciting!

What do you consider your biggest strength when it comes to product development?

I think I have a good mix of experience to draw from. I’ve worked in a few different industries with several manufacturing methods. I think this allows me to bring a unique view to most projects in our product design services we offer at MAKO.

What’s your favourite part about working at MAKO?

We get to work on some really cool projects here and I love brainstorming with my colleagues on how to solve the unique challenges we are faced with. We all have our core capabilities, but there’s always cool new projects to work on, keeping all our product design services and skills fresh and interesting. 

Stay tuned for more staff spotlights coming soon!

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