Invention Production is Changing our Typical Modern Bathrooms

Inventors are Rethinking Our Everyday Bathrooms

September 6, 2018

Innovation surrounds us every day, and with the introduction of new and exciting products, we’re also seeing innovations to pre-existing products we’ve been using for as long as we can remember. This can be exciting in the world of invention production as it’s an opportunity to improve on things we have grown accustomed to but aren’t necessarily the best way to do things.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the products that we find in our common bathroom and some of the unique innovations that have changed what we commonly would find in one of our most used rooms.  

With invention production innovations, we're rethinking the common bathroom.
Modern bathroom.

How New Invention Production is Reworking the Modern Bathroom

A Unique Approach to the Toilet

The most common device in our bathroom that we use every single day is the toilet. Three students from the University of the Arts London came up with a unique approach to the common toilet in the Toilet of the Future Competition, which was organized by a plumbing supplier. They created a well-being toilet that features a built-in screening system that can analyze your waste to check for biomarkers, indicators of diseases, and nutritional deficiencies right in your own home.

A Shower that Saves Energy

Another common device found in every bathroom is the shower. We use this to keep us clean without thinking too much about it. Orbital Systems‘ latest invention production has created a shower that has rethought how much water and energy we use in our daily shower, which is about 150 liters of water on average per 10-minute shower. Their approach to the showerhead recycles water, so you only use five liters of water per shower. Not only saving the environment but also cutting down on our lengthy water bills.

With the latest invention production, this shower saves energy and water.
Orbital Systems eco-friendly shower.

The World’s Most Hygienic Toilet Brush

Keeping our bathroom clean is a top priority, and a toilet brush is one of those staple cleaning devices you’ll find beside the toilet in almost any bathroom. Looblade has rethought the typical, cheap toilet brush that has collected bacteria for years in our bathrooms. Their new invention has led this innovation to be made from a quick-dry material that is also anti-germ. Gone are those icky brushes that you constantly question how clean they actually are.

Seeing new invention production not just focus on creating new products but also improve upon products we use every day is incredibly exciting for us at MAKO Design + Invent. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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