MAKO Design + Invent Team Spotlight: Magnus Sköld

MAKO Team Spotlight: Magnus Sköld, Senior Industrial Designer

Magnus Sköld joined our top product design firm just within the last year with a hefty resume that brings a lot of great and impressive experience to the table at our top product design firm.

Magnus graduated from an MDES degree in transportation design at Coventry University and worked for three different consultancies, starting off at Studio RD designing VVIP (very, very important person) aircraft interiors of 747’s and other full-size aircraft.

Subsequently, he spent eight years at TXS Industrial Design designing everything from aircraft seats for airlines like American Airlines, telecom enclosures, military phone systems, and the list goes on. Next, he spends three years at Fahrenheit Design where he worked on the latest generation enterprise level server and storage solutions.

Our top product design firm hired top designer Magnus Skold who previously designed VVIP aircrafts.

Interior of a VVIP aircraft.

Magnus Sköld: A Key Member of Our Top Product Design Firm

Today, we’re happy to have him as part of our top product design firm. We had a chance to chat with Magnus about his strengths in the industry and what he’s been up to since joining our team.

Q1. Tell me what you focus on at MAKO

There are so many different types of projects that come through the door at MAKO. I love outdoor products (think camping/hiking etc), transportation, medical, athletic products and more.

My ideal dream project to work on would have to do with protecting the environment, improving health, education, accessibility, and sustainability. I’m passionate about making the world a better place, and I’m here to do that one awesome design at a time!

Q2. What is your biggest strength in product development?

I love the whole design process, from napkin sketch to final producible delivery. The type of work I have been most involved in over the years has always been heavy in engineering, so through that gauntlet, I believe my strength lies in creating solutions that work and making sure that the concept can be made real.

Working at a top product design firm has shown me how critical the design and engineering process is to create a successful and lucrative product.

Our top product design firm helped create the Kharaband.

Young man wearing a product we designed, the smartwatch and athletic accessory: the Kharaband.

Q3. What’s your favourite part of working at our top product design firm?

Almost every day, there is a new project to think about. It’s fast-paced, so there’s never a dull moment. There are so many different types of projects that come through the door, like robots, toys, weight-lifting machines, athletic accessories, and so much more, that every day is a new design experience.

There are never two days that are the same at MAKO Design + Invent!

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  1. Michael Klein

    2019-12-27 at 10:03 pm

    I have an automotive invention,patent potential,and ready for all vehicles,old and new that will dramatically save lives,reduce and greatly minimize the cost of vehicle damage and insurance costs.

    • MAKO Design + Invent

      2019-12-30 at 9:51 am

      Hi Michael!

      Thanks so much for your comment! We would love to chat with you about your idea. We will send you an email at the address you’ve provided to set up a meeting with our Product Strategy team. Looking forward to chatting with you!


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