Rare Product Design for IPU by Graphcore Startup Gets Vibrant

Vibrant Rare Product Design for Your Typical IPU by Graphcore

Calling all computer gurus! Tech startup Graphcore has revamped the look of your intelligent processing unit (IPU) and Rack Mount Chassis inside your computer.

Generally, a computer’s interior IPU system is hidden, and knowing this, the industrial design team concentrated on giving the IPU character and uniqueness.

By implementing a visual personality for its surface rare product design, Graphcore, while teaming up with Pentagram, created visible integrity for the IPU technology. Bold colours now enhance the outer look of your graphics cards.

Graphics Cards Are Getting a New Face

No more boring black and white, now these powerful operating cards will get the attention they deserve with their rare product design. Introducing new vibrant colours gracing the surface of these structured units, they bring these dynamic typefaces back to life.

With fifty injection-mold plastic tiles made that have a personalized panel system, giving each individual card the autonomy to be customized to 1000 different combinations. They will all appear like unique cards, interpreting their powerful and intelligent pattern generators inside.


IPU rare product design detail interior

Get Your Computer This Rare Product Design

Pentagram developed a made to order software for buyers which can deduce the individual character qualities from Graphcore’s visual personality to make patterns, layouts and colour schemes for each unique tile. Moreover, their rack mount chassis’ was made to connect 8 IPU’s in a system. Consecutively, this provides an airflow grid, where buyers can use clip-ons which come in contrasting colours to express themselves more.

Further outdoing themselves, Graphcore and Pentagram fabricated custom-sized heat sinks for these IPU chips. The heat sinks enable the designers to construct a space for repairing the tiles and permitting the frame to support the silicon chip in a durable state. This rare product design is what software developers have been waiting for.


Graphcore’s novel IPU design.

Liven Up Your IPU Look

Delving deep into new rare product design for a component that constantly goes unseen is a clear commitment. As Graphcore is a new startup company it’s necessary that they separate themselves from similar brands and showcase their skills, concern, and vision, literally.

Their progressive and creative vision sets them apart from other startups. Graphcore’s advanced aesthetic not only has them standing out in a crowd, but it truly reflects their understanding of the interior of the most powerful and intelligent software.

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