Product Development Design: The Millennial Impact

Millennial Impact on Product Development Design

 Millennials are proving to be vastly different from previous generations; whether that be in terms of employees, business owners, or consumers. The way they contribute to our society is different. This means the product development design will need to adjust to their habits.

Conscious Consumers Condemn Chemical Products

Fabric softener sales have plummeted due to Millennial’s not buying it, whereas their age group in previous generations would have. Producers noticed the sales have been declining over the past decade. This time frame aligns with the age group of Millennial’s who do not see the beneficial factors to using fabric softener on their clothes. Instead, they see it as a chemical product, which is harmful to their health. This is just one example of how product development design is influenced by Millennial consumers.



How Old Are Millennials Anyway?

In case you were wondering, the definition of a Millennial is someone born between 1981 and 1996, who are now between the ages of 22-37. Many of today’s companies, like Facebook, Pinterest, and Airbnb, were actually founded by Millennials. For the first time, young consumers are able to support business owners their own age, who understand their pain points as buyers.

This type of forward, technology-driven thinking is the root of the majority of Millennials behavior when it comes to how they buy and how they contribute to society.

In terms of product development design, we’re seeing categories we’ve never really seen before. These are your smart home devices, wearable devices, and the Internet of Things. This is your Alexa, Google Home, your Apple Watch and your Fitbit. IoT would be your home control system, locking your front door via an app or adjusting the room temperature.



Product Development Design: The Millennial Way

Think local, think fast and well-made. It’s becoming the trend for product development design by Millennial business owners. These owners are passionate and using their drive to cater to their fellow-compassionate Millennial consumers. They are interested in the environmental impacts of the businesses they support. With more and more youth becoming educated, there is a higher demand for transparency within the product development design industry. This is just a reminder to keep your audience in mind, inventors. 

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