Product Designers and Micro Changes: Keeping Consumers Happy

How Micro Product Changes Keep Consumers Happy

News alert! People are easier to please than we think. Yes, that’s right, consumers don’t need wild changes

to the products they love, product designers are proving that small changes can make just as big of an



When consumers decide to switch to a different product, it takes a lot of work. They have to find a product

they like better, vet it, and purchase or sign-up for it. For that reason, if a consumer is already using your

product, and know that you care about them by making the changes they need or want, they’re going to be

less likely to hop to a competitor.


A look at Apple, one of the most successful companies in the world  

Look at one of the most successful companies in the world as an example, Apple. Apple’s product

designers are seen as some of the most innovative. Consumers wait patiently to see “what’s next?” from the

brand at their new product releases. However, have you noticed that almost all their new devices haven’t

boasted anything drastically different than what they already do? For example, better battery life, or a

slightly better camera and photo quality. Apple has answered some of the easy to solve issues that

consumers had with their devices, and made slight changes to each new edition to their product.


Buyers crave positive brand experiences

Buyers crave positive brand experiences, it’s as simple as that. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon answered what

makes a great brand experience simply by saying that “…if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need

to talk to you. It just works!”. Product designers need to keep this in mind when making improvements to their

pre-existing products. Often times changes don’t need to be drastic. Simple things like Apple working to

improve battery life will make a significant impact on a users experience.


Big product changes can be risky


Big product changes can actually run a higher risk of losing loyal customers. Why? Because they’re already using your

product, they must like (to some extent). If you revamp it entirely, change the way the consumer has to interact with it,

your customer is likely going to end up frustrated over anything else. It goes back to the age old saying of “If it’s not

broken, don’t fix it.”


In an email between and serial entrepreneur, Sigurd Vedal, Vedal wrote: “Loyal brand consumers

generally think they want new changes to the products they consumer, but reality shows that they do not like many

changes, because it disrupts their familiarity with the product.” Take all our favourite social media networks as an

example of that. Everytime Instagram comes in with a major change to their design and interface, users backlash.

Instead, making smaller changes to the platform or service that help consumers experience, without completely turning

their experience upside down is what product designers need to focus on.


What do you think of embracing micro-changes as a product designer?


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