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The Best Inventions for the Summer Season

The summer season is soon to arrive which means that sunny, blistering hot days, and the call for vacationing is amongst us. To help prepare for the sunny season, here is a cool collection of the best inventions and gadgets for the summer season that are perfect for battling the long and hot days, and to help make your summer the best one yet. Planning a trip this summer? Check out three innovative products perfect for your trip!

Bug Bites Be Gone with This New Invention

Along with the excitement of the summer, comes the dread that goes with the return of everyone’s favorite summer pests, bugs. Loads of dollars are spent every year on the traditional ways that people take in combating bugs such as bug sprays, bug tents, ailments, etc., but no matter the efforts taken, it still seems impossible in ridding ourselves from the inevitable bite or two. The Bite Helper Bug Bite Itch Solution is one of the best inventions made as of late in combating summer bugs. This invention features new thermo-pulse technology, which applies heat and vibrations onto any bug bite, getting red of itches and irritations. The gadget comes with a built-in battery making it a reusable and handy tool for long outdoor trips (say, camping?) and big families- especially with a lot of kids.

The Best Innovation in Speaker System Technology for the Summer


Summertime always calls for reuniting with friends and family to enjoy some time outside, but what is a perfect getting together without everyone’s favorite songs? Whether its lounging by the pool or hanging out by the beach, portable speakers have always been a popular invention since the radio and boom box, but the newest innovation in speaker technology is the JBL GO 2 Waterproof portable Bluetooth speakers. This invention is a reliable gadget that can keep your music playing all day and night long – even underwater! You’ll never have to worry about kids or pets bumping your speakers into the water as the JBL GO speakers feature a waterproof design, so that you can keep your music playing all day and night long no matter the situation.

A Healthy Twist to A Sweet Treat


Summer is never really summer unless there’s ice cream involved! But why waste all that effort that went into building a summer body? A perfect invention made for the summer season, the Yonanas Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker, you can enjoy the feeling of eating something soft and sweet all whilst enjoying a healthy treat. This invention works in that any fruit pressed down into the product turns into a frozen treat instantly! This is the best invention for those who want to keep themselves, and their family healthy- especially if you have dietary restrictions (since you control what get to go in!)

Fitness That’s Just a Float a Way


Summer always calls for getting active, and with the hot weather, being active whilst keeping cool is a big challenge. A new innovation brought the to the fitness market is the Swimline SolFit Aquatic Fitness Mat. This special invention is a mat that combines both the concept of the water float with the fitness mat, allowing anyone up to 275 pounds to be able to workout right while floating in water!

The Best Invention Made for Every Pool Owner


It’s always important to stay safe and clean during the summer season, especially when swimming in shared pools or with kids. Monitoring the safe pH levels in a pool can always be a tedious task, requiring constant check up and wait times. However, this outdoors summer invention called the pHin Smart Pool Water Quality Monitor is the best gadget to have for every pool owner! Not only does this invention track the safety of the water’s chemistry and temperature, but with wireless innovation will send you an alert anytime it senses that something is wrong with the water. The best part about this invention is that it connects through Wi-Fi to an app on your phone so you can closely monitor the state of the water at any time.

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