How Innovation is Bringing Virtual Reality Technology to Amusement Parks

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How VR Innovation is Inventing New Technologies

With the rise in popularity and accessibility of Virtual Reality, it’s no surprise that designers are using VR to create new, innovative, thrilling, unique and exciting experiences. But what does the development of virtual reality and augmentation mean for amusement parks that rely on their rides to bring thrill seekers to enjoy their parks during the summer season? Does the innovation and development of virtual reality call for a summer spent indoors? Luckily, a new and interesting development has been growing in the entertainment design industry, which combines both traditional elements of amusement park rides with virtual reality. The result opens not only a new market fit for those who are in love with virtual experiences, and cyber technology, but also works well for those looking to experience something different.

VR and Product Design Innovation in Theme Parks

One might wonder what place virtual reality has in an amusement park full of infrastructure and people, but with integrating new developments in the design of virtual reality products, there can be a change in how people understand virtual reality in being singular, isolated experiences, to ones that are shared in theme parks settings. For example, VR products are recognized through their traditional headset design however with the rise in innovation in VR product design and technology, the traditional design has integrated to work with rides in which riders would sit, and have either headsets or goggles placed onto them. Riders can now feel the same thrill and sensation from a roller coaster with the added sensation of feeling like they are in an alternate reality such as underwater or in space!

The Future of VR Technology Development in our World

What does this new development mean? Well, to begin with, rather than seeing a decrease in popularity and ridership in amusement parks and traditional coasters, there can be an increase in popularity for these rides either to those looking to experience new and thrilling stimulations. Not only that but having more rides dependent on VR can also offer more variety and continuously changing attractions. For example, a VR park in Dubai which features 18 different VR rides and attractions, can conveniently switch our and offer different experiences from Zombie survival simulations to surreal Safari rides. Similarly, China had also just released one of the biggest VR parks available, with an impressive list of different and innovative experiences for all fans of Virtual Reality to enjoy.

Second, this development gives a great revolutionary rise to a whole new industry, and sooner than later it won’t be a surprise to see parks dedicated wholly to virtual reality, with a team of dedicated designers working in finding the newest and best ways to bring new experiences and innovations to the entertainment market. Companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups now have a new area of design and innovation to delve into, creating new ideas; products and technological developments, to be integrated with major amusement parks and entertainment sectors.

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Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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