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The Most Valuable Traits That Every Inventor Should Have and How to Develop Them


Why it’s important:

It’s no surprise that one of the most valuable inventor traits that every inventor should have is creativity. In a sense, there are no distinguishing differences between a creator and an inventor because you are essentially doing the same thing – making something.

Nonetheless, having creativity as an inventor is essential in being able to come out with new and exciting products or ideas that can help bring something new and needed to society. Without creativity, there would be no progress in how people complete their work, connect, and live their daily lives.

How to develop creativity:

“Being” creative is more easily said than done. In a perfect world, all people would love to be considered creative and easily be able to solve pressing problems that we encounter as a society with new inventions and innovative solutions. However, some find themselves stuck when trying to become or create something original or doubt their ideas.

The best way to naturally allow your creativity to flourish from within is to try to find inspiration from everything around you and never doubt yourself.

Don’t limit yourself to one strict idea or concept and try looking at things from different angles or perspectives. From there, you’ll be able to grow this valuable inventor trait and spring new ideas to innovate based on different outlooks, and from a positive mindset.

Check out some tips on how to be a more creative thinker and innovator here!


Why it’s important:

Complementary to creativity, another valuable inventor trait is open-mindedness. Being open-minded is key to being able to take in different perspectives and build new ideas.

If you keep yourself limited to only one perspective you can only invent within one area, but the second you break through from this box, you allow yourself to accept new ideas of what could work or how your original ideas could be improved. This could be through feedback from others or by considering how your invention could take place in contexts you haven’t originally thought of.

How to develop open-mindedness:

The best way to develop an open-minded attitude is to let go of the fear of being wrong. One of the main reasons why open-mindedness is a valuable inventor trait is because people typically tend to keep themselves latched onto one area or outlook.

This is because they are comfortable where they feel most confident or where they feel they are perceived as correct. Don’t be afraid to put yourself in a new space to learn from a new range of perspectives or even the setting. Allow yourself to see what works and doesn’t work without setting expectations.

Even if you find out your original idea isn’t as great of an idea when put into a new context, you still gain insight and learn from your experiences, allowing yourself to grow and build even better ideas or inventions.


Why it’s important:

Being flexible is not only a valuable trait to become a great and effective inventor. It’s also good for your peace of mind.

When we keep our own thought processes under a rigid or extremely structured mentality, we can dig ourselves deep into stress and limit ourselves from reaching our highest potential. This directly reflects on our work and our mental health.

Learn to be more flexible in the methods you use in your work when evaluating an idea and when considering areas of your product – or your life – that could be changed for the better.

You’ll find out that your creativity not only soars, but you’ll be more stress-free and feel less under pressure.

How to develop flexibility:

Let go. Flexibility is only developed when you understand that the only thing holding you down to a strict mentality and outlook is yourself.

As an inventor you have the freedom to allow yourself to be free, delve into different spaces, and accept the possibility that not every idea or structure you have for your product design will be successful. If an idea goes wrong or changes, you must try to let go, accept it, and then work around the problem.

One of the great things about flexibility is that it will allow you to minimize the amount of stress you feel when facing a roadblock. You can always find a way around or out of any situation!


Why it’s important:

The final most valuable inventor trait that every inventor should develop is persistence. It’s not rare for a genius idea to pop into one’s mind from time to time, as everyone gets inspired by their environment. However, when a great idea reveals itself, people often feel fleeting motivation and inspiration for a short time and then find their desire to act slowly fades.

Having persistence not only keeps your ideas and inventions alive but also proves to others that you genuinely believe that your idea is a good one that is innovative and needed by society.

Persistence also goes hand in hand with confidence, and if you want to firmly distinguish your idea from your competition, being persistent is the best way to instill belief in your invention or idea.

How to develop persistence:

Believe in yourself, stay focused, make specific, attainable goals, and ignore self-doubt and negativity. The biggest killer in persistence is allowing negativity to cloud your thoughts and beliefs. If you commit yourself to being optimistic, you can keep striving and pushing with your idea because you genuinely believe it’ll work and succeed.

If you’re finding it hard to stay optimistic; find a good source of inspiration or happiness. Having these sources of inspiration will keep you grounded and remind you why you started inventing and creating in the first place. It’s even helpful to have these sources of inspiration and notes of your goals taped around your home or work area as a reminder of what you want to accomplish.

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