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Best Innovations in Gardening Tools

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The Top Gardening Innovations

Gardening has always been a popular hobby that most people pick up just when the season is right, and as it is currently summer, there is no better season to start building a garden!

Whilst gardening can be a rewarding and therapeutic activity to become invested in, one of the major issues that people have with picking up gardening as a hobby is that they lack either the time or dedication that it takes to properly care for their plants.

Like all things that need care and attention to grow, gardening enthusiasts have taken their own hand at creating some of the best gardening innovations that make it easier for not only experienced gardeners to care for their plants but also allow new gardeners and plant owners to have an easier time transitioning into the hobby.

Track Your Plants Needs 24/7

As most people know, although gardening and taking care of plants seems like an easy task, figuring out a plant’s optimal needs and amounts of nutrition and water is vital in keeping the plant alive. Not only that, but most plants need to be watered multiple times a day in order to stay fully hydrated and healthy. With the majority of homeowners having typically busy lifestyles with work and families, it’s common for people to either forget or overwater their plants.

The Plant Link Plant Monitoring System is one of the best gardening innovations made to help gardeners and plant owners remind themselves when it is the proper time to water their plants. The gardening gadget works by simply placing the tool into the soil of the plant, from there the gadget will keep track of the soils moisture level until it needs to be watered once more.

The best thing about this helpful gardening tool is that it sends you alerts via text or email, meaning you don’t need to be around both your plant and the device in order to know when your plant will need water.

The Plant Pot That Cares for Your Plant

Revealed at CES 2016, the popular tech company Parrot released one of the best gardening innovations to hit the tech and gardening markets. The Parrot Pot is a helpful gardening tool that solves every new plant owner or gardener’s problem. Unlike other gardening gadgets, rather than just letting you know when your plant needs to be watered, the Parrot Pot takes care of that for you!

Designed as a “smart” flowerpot, the gardening innovation markets itself as a “plant sitter” that features a perfect drop irrigation system that waters your plants for you, when they need it. The device can automatically adapt to your plants natural life cycle and adjust its water consumption as needed, providing your plant with the right amount of water at the right time ensuring its health and life-longevity.

The device works through four built in sensors that monitor light, temperature, soil moisture and its fertiliser levels and sends you alerts through its linked app to let you know what your plant needs for its better care.  The best thing about this helpful gardening tool is that plant owners can go out for long periods of time, take trips or vacations, and rest assured that their plants will be properly taken care of and not wither away during their absence!

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Best Gardening Innovation Used for Air Purification

Ever thought of using your plants to purify the air inside your home? It’s no surprise that plants give a refreshing feel and outlook to any interior, but the benefits of having plants indoors extend way past just aesthetics!

Plants naturally turn carbon dioxide to oxygen, and in turn, one of the best gardening innovations has taken this biological process into a technological way to create a plant holder that naturally harnesses the air purifying capabilities of house plants into a natural house air purifier.

Newly named The Natede, this gardening gadget uses the bio-filtering properties to help boost and support the plants natural power in eliminating toxic particles in the air. The sensors within the device can measure different aspects such as temperature, humidity and pollutants to rate and measure air clarity and how well your plant is purifying the room, all through a linked app.

The device is easily able to turn on and off by placing your hand near the device, and a small light will let you know when the air in your room is of excellent quality. The device can also connect with home devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

The Best Gardening Innovation to Grow a Garden at Ease

One of the main reasons why gardening is so popular is not just because people feel a sense of gratification from taking care of a plant they find pretty, but because you can also grow your own food! Whilst gardening for food may seem difficult, The Droponic Smart Planter is the best gardening innovation to help those who lack the gardening skill, time and dedication to growing their own food and plants.

This helpful gardening tool works by using hydroponic technology which grows plants without the need of soil. This works through suspending the plants roots in water, allowing it to take in its vital nutrients quick and easily. Through the devices-linked app, you will get reminders about adding water and nutrients as needed, allowing your plant to flourish and grow!

The gadget works with absolutely no energy and only requires water, nutrients, and to be placed in the sun. Additionally, the product innovatively works in order to save water and efficiently grow your plants in the most conservative but healthiest way possible.

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