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MAKO Client Spotlight: Reey Yadin – The Comfycup

Introducing a thriving client who now runs a successful small business, the Comfycup is a genius invention literally made to add convenience to the life of commuters who are constantly on the go. In times in which you find yourself in a rush catching the bus or train, it can be hard to hold onto your belongings – especially in a moving, crowded vehicle!

The worst thing that could happen is having your drink spill, splashing yourself and other commuters, as well as damaging your things. If you resonate with this scenario and find this to be a common problem in your commuting life as well, then the Comfycup is the perfect product for you!

The Beginnings of a Successful Small Business

The Comfycup, now a successful small business, was started by a local Toronto Inventor, Reey Yadin. Reey recognized that the common commuter faces a lot of inconveniences while they ride public transport.

Determined to help make commuters’ lives easier, Yadin created a revolutionary commuting invention that provides a simple but extremely useful tool – a product to which commuters can attach a portable clip-on cup holder for their drinks.

Designed to fit around the poles inside public transport, Comfycup was designed for commuters to have their drinks stay put and stable, without any chance of spill throughout the duration of their busy commutes. The Comfycup can be used as a coffee cup holder for trains, buses, and bikes.

It features an easily portable and accessible design in which the product can clip onto your bag for easy reach, once on public transport, clip on The Comfycup to any available pole and place your cup inside the arms of the product!

The product was designed to feature arms that are made out of tapered and secure material so that no matter how bumpy, abrupt, or rough the ride is, your drink will remain stable, ensuring no spillage during your journey!

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The Comfycup and Commercial Success

Since its release, Reey Yadin has seen immense success for his amazing and helpful product – especially gaining popularity from investors and commuters in cities where public transport is the main form of transportation for most commuters (Such as Toronto, New York, etc.).

Reey has received great support and positive reviews for his product, catapulting it into a successful small business. Not only has Reey received positive reviews from common commuters, but he has also worked with advertising giants such as Pattison to help promote the convenience and usefulness of the product on transit systems such as the TTC.

It’s no surprise that big companies such as Pattison recognize the genius behind The Comfycup and believe in the importance of promoting the product to commuters.

One of the ads for The Comfycup on Toronto’s Transit System!

Our Client, Reey Yadin, on being a Successful Small Business Owner

Design + Invent Mako has reached out to Reey to ask him more about his journey as a successful small business owner and if he has any helpful insights for future small business owners and inventors! “The process of creating something new from scratch is almost like a rollercoaster. There are always ups and downs, but after every accomplishment, even the smallest one, you’ll feel the excitement—and that excitement is what will push you to complete another stage in developing your product.”

And, “Almost a year since launching the Comfycup commuter cup holder, and the feeling is great! We’ve just got to the Australian and Israeli markets and are already thinking about our next commute accessories development.”

As one of our cherished clients and as a proud example of a successful small business, the team at Mako Design + Invent are proud to be a part of the creation of the Comfycup commuter cup holder and look forward to hearing more and more every day about the future success and growth of the Comfycup and Reeys business.

If you’re interested in checking out Comfycup and want to learn more about Reey’s business, make sure to check out the official site for Comfycup here!

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