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How to Create a Product with Mass Market Appeal ft. Mako Client!

A lot of the times when new inventors want to create a product, they envision or think of ways of how they can make their product a profitable as possible. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a profitable product is to invent a product that will perform as successfully as possible through having mass market appeal.

What is Mass Market Appeal?

Like the name, Mass Market appeal suggests that whichever product or service you’re selling will appeal to mass markets rather than just one. Most times when inventors or upcoming small business plan the debut of their business, they strategize on how to make their product as appealing as possible to their targeted audience or market as possible. It is common for business to strategize a way to make their upcoming product or service appeal to a certain niche or targeted audience because of how much easier it is to market or advertise to a specific audience that needs a product to solve a specific problem, rather than trying to appeal to a larger audience in a more competitive market. However, if you can successfully create a product that appeals to mass markets rather than just one, you are sure to reap in tons of profit and success. Below are the top aspects to consider when creating a product with mass market appeal.

Find the Ideal Category for Your Product to Create Mass Market Appeal

Whether you’re planning on creating a specific product for a targeted audience, or a product for a large audience, it’s best to specify the type of product your making and which market it would generally fall into. While it is good to have a product that can span across different markets and categories, having a general idea of where your product fits in can help determine whether your product will have mass market appeal. Based on your where your product fits in the market, you can observe that market and analyze how well your product can perform once it debuts (especially when scoping out who your current competition is), and what factors you can change and alter so that you can develop your product for mass market appeal.

The Frequency of Your Market Mentioned Can Signal Mass Market Appeal

If you find that you’re the market of interest for your product is frequently mentioned within the news, media, or social media, there’s a good chance that your product can have mass market appeal. Any market that is commonly discussed amongst large amounts of people means that products that concern or fit into that market are due to be popular because there is already so much accumulated exposure and attention. A popular market means that there already is an active audience who are more likely to find out about your new product as soon as it hits the market, meaning an instantaneous reaction and possible about of feedback that can directly come to your product and business. Examples of popular markets can be the tech market, health and nutrition, and fashion.

Mass Market Appeal and Appealing to Different Age Groups

An extremely overlooked aspect in creating a product is focusing on which age groups a businesses product will be popular with. Since so many businesses are focused on the function, aesthetics, and marketing of their product to a targeted age group, a lot forget that rather than trying to appeal to one age group, it can be more beneficial to reach as much age groups as possible. Creating a product that can be enjoyable and helpful to kids from adults can create a huge possibility of profit within any market. The focus for this aspect is make sure that your product is simple, easy to use, and solves a problem that is applicable to all age groups. Most people think that creating a product that appeals to multiple age groups has to be a toy or game, but there are many products that target convenience, hygiene, health, fashion, and home that also appeal to multiple age groups! If your product can gain interest from a variety of different age groups, your product most likely has mass market appeal.

Would You Purchase A Bargain Product in Your Targeted Market?

When thinking about your market, think about whether if your audiences would appreciate or jump at the chance to purchase a product within the market that is affordable or a bargain. If you create a product that can maximize the benefits of consumers both functionality and cost-efficiently, and your consumers are quick to purchase it solely based on how much it is a bang for their buck, then you’ve most likely created a product that has mass market appeal. The focus on this aspect is that because your product provides so much more benefits for consumer, no matter if they are particularly interested in your products market or not, they are more likely to invest in your product because it solves or gives convenience to a major problem in your market. This way, when they inevitably encounter than problem, they will be prepared with your product.

An example of Mass Market Appeal Product from One of Mako Clients!

One of the best examples of a mass market appeal product is none other than a product from one of Mako Design and Invents client, the Festken Water Bottle! The Festken Water Bottle is a water bottle that was strategically designed to be the perfect companion during music festivals. Sporting an easy portable design, the Festken bottle features a bring neon design and an internal light that illuminates the inside of the bottle giving it the illusion of a neon light stick! The product acts a multifunctional product in which it is both a neon night light, perfect for raves and concerts, but also a bottle to keep you hydrated all night. Not only is this product multifunctional but has mass market appeal due to the fact that it can be used both by kids, teens and adults! Everyone is always in need of a water bottle, and since concerts and music festivals are a popular activity and event that a lot of teens and adults attend, the Festken water bottle works great both as a water bottle, night light, and trends item. Younger kids can also enjoy the product with its colourful and bright design.

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