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MAKO Design + Invent’s Top Entrepreneurs in Product Design

Generally, the design and tech fields are filled with some of the greatest and most creative minds. As design is needed for every little thing around us, it is very important to the progression of our societies. It shapes what we see every day, from personal items to clothes to tech devices to vehicles.

There are many fields within the design that include world-renowned designs and their designers, however since MAKO Design + Invent is specifically a product development firm, we look for motivation from the most influential product designers to help inspire us and appreciate well-made and beautiful quality designs.

What is even more so inspiring than the amazing designs created by these talented designers is how their passion for design inspired them to take on big opportunities – another important philosophy that we appreciate at MAKO! Without further adieu, here are MAKO Design + Invent’s topmost influential product design entrepreneurs to help inspire and motivate you to take your ideas to new lengths!

Karim Rashid

Known as one of the most prolific product design entrepreneurs of his generation, Karim Rashid is irrefutably an exceptionally well-known and talented designer. With over 4000 designs created for furniture, interiors, buildings, lighting fixtures, hotels, products, residential, packaging, graphic, tabletop, architectural finishes, fashion, art, and exhibitions, Karim has continuously driven innovation within the industry with his fresh, groundbreaking creations that never fail to impress the community.

Not only have his designs won numerous awards and remained at the forefront of numerous luxury goods brands, but his work is also featured in galleries across the globe. Having had his work take off and be recognized by top brands such as Sony Ericsson, Method, Umbra, Kenzo, and Hugo Boss, Karim decided to start a design agency tailored toward big, prolific brands where his work extends from simple designs to complex art and architecture.

Yves Béhar

Born in Switzerland, Yves Béhar is a famously known designer turned entrepreneur. Before becoming a product design entrepreneur, Béhar was a lead designer at multiple design firms similar to MAKO Design + Invent, where he developed designs for prestigious clients such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and Silicon Graphics. After becoming a successful designer, Béhar combined his passion for design with his innate entrepreneurial spirit to establish his own design firm, Fuse Project.

Béhar’s design philosophy revolves around emphasizing the integration of sustainability and social good to create well-made and high-quality designs. As a lead designer and CEO of a design development firm, Béhar has taken over multiple design ventures in the fashion, lifestyle, sports and technology industries. His work includes designs for Herman Millar, Puma, Kodak, Swarovski, Samsung, and Prada, amongst many other notable names. Béhar promises that his work not only improves the lives of other people through creating sustainable and aesthetically pleasing top-quality designs but also facilitates brand growth for the top brands that he has worked with.

Philippe Starck

Emphasizing one of the most important aspects that every entrepreneur should have in order to be successful, Philippe Starck started with a mission and vision that any and all forms of creation must be taken in order to improve the lives of as many people as possible. Starck’s designs are all powered by his strong belief in creating useful designs before creating a beautiful design (similar philanthropy to the MVP ideology!)

Starck initially started out as an interior designer. Inspired by his growing love for design, he began to work in industrial design where he hit international recognition for his inventive creations. Fueled with a passion for giving back to the community and providing simultaneously useful and aesthetically pleasing designs, Starck is now also an entrepreneur. He participates and creates in numerous industries, taking on many roles, such as the inventor, creator, architect, designer, and artistic director of ambitious and revolutionary projects.

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