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Mako Design is One of Canada’s Great Places to Work!

At Mako Design, we are proud to be a company that gives back to our community, the design world, and our world-class team! For this reason, participating in creating an open and positive work atmosphere is of the utmost importance when it comes to our company culture. Every year we think about the amazing and different ways we can make working at Mako Design a great, educational, and gratifying experience for our teams across offices. In light of all of our efforts and hard work, we are proud to announce that we were just certified from Great Place to Work Canada as a certified workplace that cares about company culture and a healthy workplace! Keep reading to learn more about Great Place to Work Canada, and a bit about how Mako Design is the best industrial design company that cares for their employees and team members!

About Great Place to Work Canada

The Great Place to Work Certification is an accreditation that demonstrates to the market that you are an employer of choice. The certification helps you become an even better workplace through reporting, analysis, and the next steps to enable a more successful company culture. To be certified, we must have had received an over 70% positive response from at least 10 of our employees’ confidential survey results on how they find mako design to be a positive place to work in with great company culture. Each certification is valid for a month, which encourages us as a company to keep up with company culture and employee perks so that we have renewed our certification each year and continue being a great company to work for!  

The Mako team!

The Best Industrial Design Company, Mako Design, Great Place to Work-Certified

We’re proud to say that since being founded in 1999, Mako Design has shown impressive and great growth over the past few years with a growing talented team and openings of new offices across North America. With our fast growth, we’ve worked hard in improving and offering the best resources to our employees and talented teams across offices in order to better their experiences, support, and be the best they can be! Here is a couple of some of the great things that Mako Design has to offer to our loyal and talented team to show our gratitude and how much we strive to create a great place to work for everybody!

Best Industrial Design Company Events & Opportunities

One amazing aspect of Mako Design is how much we like to push a family-like environment across our members and teams. We are an open and accepting company that takes the effort to genuinely know one another. One of the top ways that Mako Design makes sure that all of our team members have the opportunities to bond with the rest of the team is to plan company events and team-building opportunities at fun meetings. Some of these events include holiday parties, summer boat trips, weekly meetings and supporting our team members to take part in career-building opportunities at conferences worldwide. We also make sure to show appreciation and congratulate each and every team member on their birthday and work anniversary with a sweet treat!

Our senior industrial designer, Magnus Skold, at SEMA2019!

A Fully Stocked Kitchen and Best Amenities

As a design company, we put a lot of focus on making our office look good. Not only do we want our office atmosphere to be open and inspiring for our team, but a comfortable and easy place to work in with all that they need to thrive and succeed. Thus, we make sure that we offer the best amenities and tools available to our team so that they can perform at their best! Some of the great amenities we offer our team is an in-house design studio filled with everything the design and engineering team to make any product possible, 3D printers, access to a gym and fitness center, a great outdoor patio, and a fully stocked kitchen for cooking food for lunch and snacks and drinks available at all times!

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

About: MAKO Design + Invent is the original firm providing world-class consumer product development services tailored to startups, small manufacturers, and inventors. Simply put, we are the leading one-stop-shop for developing your physical product from idea to store shelves, all in a high-quality, cost-effective, and timely manner. We operate as one powerhouse 30-person product design team spread across 4 offices to serve you (Austin, Miami, San Francisco, & Toronto). We have full-stack in-house industrial designmechanical engineeringelectrical engineeringpatent referralprototyping, and manufacturing services. To assist our startup and inventor clients, in addition to above, we help with business strategy, product strategy, marketing, and sales/distribution for all consumer product categories. Also, our founder Kevin Mako hosts The Product Startup Podcast, the industry's leading hardware podcast. Check it out for tips, interviews, and best practices for hardware startups, inventors, and product developers. Click HERE to learn more about MAKO Design + Invent!

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