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Mako Design Wins Bronze in the Indigo Design Awards for the Go Fish Cam!

One big way that Mako Design likes to stay in touch with the design community is by participating in prestigious awards that not only give a great platform towards amazing designers around the world but recognize the creative efforts that the best product development firms, like Mako Design, take in order to help innovate and progress the worlds product design. Mako Design is proud to announce that we have recently been once again awarded by the Indigo Design Awards for another one of our product designs! For 2020, Indigo design awards awarded us bronze for our design on the GoFish Cam!  

Did you know we won gold for the Indigo Design Awards? See our winning product design, here!

About the Indigo Design Awards

Named as the prism through which “vision, innovation and prodigy shine through.” The Indigo Design Awards are is a design platform that helps shed a strong spotlight on some of the most innovative designs, and best product development firms from around the world. The platform and award help promote independent designers, creative agencies, and new talent from all across the globe. Not only is the platform and award a great source to help inspire others, but curates a great gallery of award-winning designs that help exemplify the topmost innovative and creative cutting-edge designs within the creative industry. Some of the categories include graphic design, digital design, mobile design, game design, and design for social change. Each and every design is awarded from a jury comprised of some of the most top influential designers within the design and innovation field who choose designs that should be recognized on a world-scale level!

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Mako’s Work on the Go Fish Cam

As one of the best product development firms, we make sure that our product designs are both high in quality and best in their functions, thus, the GoFish Cam was designed by our senior industrial designer, Rob Colgan. the GoFish Cam is a sports and recreation product made for fishing! The GoFish Cam is a wireless underwater camera that sits right on your fishing line while you fish. The design of the cam allows it so that anglers can capture accurate footage of what happens when you cast your line out. Not only do you get to see all the action that happens once you send your line out, but you gain insight into the underwater fishing experience, observing the action-packed footage of the fish in the water and an idea of how you can further improve your fishing technique. With the work done from one of the best product development firms in North America, The GoFish Cam is an absolutely necessary and completely helpful, high-quality product that any fishing fan would appreciate. The ease of how it lets you review your skills and allows you the opportunity to share awesome video coverage of some of your best catches with friends, make it great for improving skills and sharing an experience with others!

Interested in learning more about the GoFish Cam? Check it out in our project works here!

Visit the official GoFish Cam Website:

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