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The Newest Innovations Made to Help Social Distancing

One of the greatest assets of innovation is how it works to help progress and normalize a new way of living and interacting with the world around us in more convenient and efficient ways. Although social distancing has presented us with new challenges to adjust to the ‘new normal,’ that didn’t stop innovators from around the world from helping find us smart ways to adapt!

Below, our beloved team at our product design firm, MAKO Design + Invent, has compiled their top picks for the newest innovations made to help us social distance and stay healthy and safe.

MAKO is also helping to keep others safe and healthy by 3D printing masks with students across the GTA, learn more here!

A Handy Social Distancing Innovation for Everyday Use

With so much attention being pulled into how we interact with the world around us, a lot of innovators are looking for ways that we can eliminate as much direct physical interaction and touch to keep us safe. The Hygiene Hand is an invention that is an example of a new innovation made to help us reduce the possibility of picking up harmful germs when we interact with the outside world.

The handy, small, and portable design was a favourite amongst our invention design company as we appreciate simple yet efficient design. A simple push of a button or touch can lead to the chance of scrutinizing our health, This is why The Hygiene Hand works as a keychain that can push, pull and maneuver objects around you without the need to touch them directly.

The Hygiene Hand is designed with a hook and a slight bump as its tip that works as a metal fingertip to help you press elevator buttons, ATM keys and more. It can even serve as a stylus for touchscreens and tablets.

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Our Invention Design Company’s Favorite Social Distancing Chair

As people look for ways to integrate back into the new normal, one tactic being explored by designers and innovators is finding design solutions that help protect our personal space. The Capsule Chair and Sofa are a new innovation in seating that helps us practice personal boundaries while still being able to sit in public areas.

The chair and sofa are encompassed with a soft frame that acts as a bubble around you while you sit. As an invention design company, we appreciated how the Capsule Chair worked as a social distancing innovation by how it blocks the possibility of being too close to someone else and gives you enough room for personal space.

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An Office Product Our Invention Design Company Loves!

As societies have been adapting to the new normal, one issue that has popped up is the workplace environment. As an invention design company with an open office working environment, we understand that open environments can make for an enriching experience between team members, however, there leaves a level of vulnerability when it comes to one’s personal health.

The Corner Office is a great and new innovative option to help transform your desk space into one that gives you more personal space and protects your health. The unit can be easily placed and integrated on top of table layouts and instantly provides a more private, concentrated working experience.

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An Innovation for Protection While Eating Out

With so many new restrictions being placed, the general public has thought a lot about how conditions will change for restaurants and cafes. One clever idea that our invention design company loved is the Plex’Eat visor lamp. The Plex’Eat is designed to be integrated into restaurants that starting to slowly re-open for dining in services.

Since it’s impossible to wear a mask while eating, the Plex’Eat acts as a large, lamp-shaped protected visor that is suspended over the diner’s upper body to keep them safe while they eat their meal. The design includes an open back, making it easier to move around while also removing the feeling of being too constricted.

Check out how face masks are being innovated for a safer future!

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