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MAKO Client Spotlight: KiddieGo!

At MAKO Design + Invent, we love taking on new projects from our clients’ genius ideas and offering our top-notch Austin invention help service. In this client’s spotlight, our client, Emma Torres came to MAKO with new product ideas for fun and helpful toddler products. Her new small business, KiddieGo recently gained its US patent and is ready for the new product market. With the help of our Austin invention help team as well as our Toronto office, we assisted Emma with the designs and prototypes for her two debut products for KiddieGo, the 3 Piece Teether and Rattle Set, and Change Seat.

About KiddieGo

KiddieGo, LLC provides infant and toddler products for busy moms and on-the-go families. The 3 Piece Teether & Rattle Set is very eco-friendly and is made of safe non-toxic plastic environmental material and is waterproof.  The KiddieGo Change Seat is the world’s first 4-in-1 console that consists of storage compartments, a changing station, a toy area, and a chair for infants and toddlers. The KiddieGo Change Seat has recently received its first design and utility US patents. Invented by Dr. Emma Torres, CEO, and Founder of KiddieGo, LLC.

The inspiration behind KiddieGo products started with listening to parents’ frustrations of juggling many products and other equipment when traveling with children. The need to create and provide multi-purpose products that would solve many issues that parents were experiencing became more than a solution. It blossomed into a necessary passion with a purpose.

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3 Piece Teether & Rattle Set

The 3 Piece Teether Rattle Set is a toy set for toddlers that comes in three pieces. The set includes a baby teeth and rattle set. While catching the baby’s attention through the toy’s fun rattling sounds, the toy helps the development of the baby’s senses and skills such as hearing, touching, and visual-to-hand-eye coordination. The teether and rattle set is easy to rap and is a great interactive toy to help increase and improve parent to to-child community.

Using our Austin invention help, we helped design the toy to be lightweight, easy to clean, colorful, and be played with for indoor and outdoor use. The material is made of a safe non-toxic plastic that is environmentally friendly and waterproof, ensuring your baby’s safety while they play!

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The KiddieGo Portable and Light Weight Change Seat

Parents can definitely understand that changing your baby when you’re on the go can be a struggle – especially if there are no outside open and accessible baby changing facilities. The KiddieGo Change Seat is a portable baby chair that is designed to keep your baby safe and occupied while you easily and conveniently change your diaper. The change seat provides a variety of toys, utilities, and fun for your baby to make for an efficient process that is both easy for yourself and your little one.

Due to its lightweight and portable design, the change seat makes it easy to carry around and carry other important items your baby would need during changing. Our Austin invention help team was dedicated to making this design as convenient as possible for parents, thus the change seat includes a 4-in-1 console with 3 different storage departments, a changing station, a toy section, and a seat. The seat makes sure to protect babies with a 5-point harness seatbelt, keeping them cozy and secure.

To learn more about KiddieGo and its products, visit their website!

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