Our Austin Invention Help Studio Helps Build the Head Array for ASL!

Introducing the Head Array Designed by our Director of Design, Tim Uys, for ASL!

At MAKO’s Austin-based invention help studio, we love to look for and create new innovative designs to help out with any projects. Our team of world-class designers are passionate about innovation and takes every opportunity to face a design challenge head-on. We strive to design some of the most innovative and fresh pieces of work to help improve people’s lives!

Our Director of Design at our Austin invention help studio, Tim Uys, recently took the opportunity to work with Adaptive Switch Laboratories (also known as ASL) to help design the ‘Fusion Proportional and Digital Head Array.’ Keep reading below to learn more about it!

About ASL

As an invention help studio, we welcome work from all sorts of different companies, start-ups, and inventors around the world. When we heard Tim was working with ASL, we were glad to be able to work with a laboratory whose goals focus on equal rights and the needs of others.

Adaptive Switch Laboratories is a design lab that works to specifically design products for those who are unable or can’t access the environment around them through conventional means. ASL’s products and designs are directly focused and result in helping the needs of those that they serve, and they always carry the important goal of achieving independence and equal rights for whom they work with and for whom they work.

Austin Invention Help

Designing the Head Array with Our Director of Design, Tim Uys

Designed by our Director of Design at our Austin-based invention help firm, Tim Uys, the ASL 110 Fusion Proportional and Digital Head Array serves as a multi-use drive control. Through meticulous programming, its functionality allows for it to be used for a wide variety of patients who have a wide variety of diagnoses.

The Fusion Head Array allows the user to control the speed and direction at a fully-proportional capability with adjustability options that are designed to fir the customizable needs and progressions of any type of different disabilities. It is designed for persons with MS, ALS, and high-level spinal cord injuries, among other diagnoses. Using the additional ASL accessories, the client can wirelessly connect to an AAC device, a mouse emulator, and Tecla E, with accessories included in the different designs available from ASL.

Austin Invention Help
Austin Invention Help

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