Invention Help Company Helps Design the CNCT Cooler!

MAKO Client Spotlight: the CNCT Cooler!

Every day at our invention help company, Mako Design, we are constantly excited and proud to get to be able to work with some of the most inventive and innovative minds. Our team is always ready to work on the next big project and bring people’s ideas to life through creating innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing designs. We were approached by our client, Graeme Whitehead, who had an amazing idea to create a cooler specifically for the popular Tesla vehicle. As an invention help company who is ready to take on any project, the idea of creating a high-quality product and design to fit the notoriously well known and famous Tesla car sounded genius to us! Keep on reading below to learn all about the CNCT Cooler and its special design features.  

About the CNCT Cooler

Inspired by Tesla for Tesla cars, the CNCT Cooler is the perfect product that ever Tesla owner should have for when they’re planning their next outdoor trip! Rather than dealing with ill-fitting or clunky cooler, the CNCT cooler is designed to specifically fit within the trunk of your Model 3 Tesla car with ease. The CNCT cooler features sleek, ergonomic handles that take inspiration from the innovative design of the Tesla car and is responsive with just a push of your finger. The CNCT cooler is designed to be able to hold up to 17L/Q so you’re able to hold everything you need for wherever you go, and has superior thermal performance as it’s designed with thermal insulation that is denser than regular industry standards, keeping anything put inside cold for as long as it needs to be while effectively blocking out all heat!

Because the CNCT cooler was specifically made for the Model 3 Tesla, the design of the cooler kept in mind the particular aspects that Tesla enthusiast love about a well-designed product – and that is the promise of quality. The CNCT cooler is a product made to deliver and quality performance that any Tesla fan would appreciate and love. In addition to promising quality performance, the Tesla coolers are all proudly made in America with quality craftsmanship and superior design.

Invention Help Company, Mako Designs’, work on the CNCT Cooler

The team at our invention help company, Mako Design, were super excited to hear about the CNCT cooler! As fans of innovation and design, making a product inspired by one of the leading and most innovative car vehicle brands out right now, the Tesla, was a project that our team couldn’t wait to get started on. The CNCT cooler went through a couple of different concepts and design phases at our invention help company as our industrial designer in our Toronto office, Paul Davis, worked on the initial concept and design of the cooler. The design was then worked on by our mechanical engineer, Demsey Kirkwood, who worked on the thermal capabilities and mechanics of the cooler.

Finally, both Demsey and Paul worked together to create the prototypes for the cooler. Both Paul and Demsey thoroughly enjoyed working on the project and loved the design concept of the cooler, especially it is designed specifically for the Tesla Model 3 car. Seeing it come to life and witnessing its latest launch has been both exciting and gratifying for the whole team and we can’t wait to see its future success. The team would like to thank Graeme for inventing this innovative and quality product and for approaching Mako Design to help bring this product to life!

Invention Help CompanyInvention Help CompanyInvention Help Company

To learn more about the CNCT Cooler, visit their official website here!

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