Our Miami Product Design Firm’s Favourite Products to Build Hobbies

The Best Products To Help You Create New Hobbies

Summertime is a great opportunity to get into new, healthy habits, and learn useful skills and hobbies that help make your life more interesting. With so many hobbies, there are a lot of interesting avenues that people can take in order to improve their skills in different fields, but as innovators and designers from a Miami Product design Firm, like Mako Design, we believe that having the perfect innovative product is the best way to cultivate your hobbies. Product design and helpful products can not only more easily introduce you to different hobbies but can also help you get past certain learning curves that make it difficult or discouraging to become more invested in certain activities. Our Miami Product design Firm listed some of our favorite product designs that are perfect for introducing oneself and cultivating new hobbies.

An Innovative Product Design to Help Learn to Paint!

Among the long list of hobbies that people work hard to develop, practicing different types of art forms has proven to both be a fun and healthy way to distress from busy lifestyles. For this reason, many people work their way into practicing and developing their art skills as a hobby. With the ease and convenience of digital artwork, more people are utilizing digital devices to create artwork through tablets as an easier medium in comparison to traditional art. Davinch is an innovative digital art accessory that helps people feel and learn the traditional behaviors of classic art forms, all through technological innovation. The tablet and styles replicate that of an artist’s brush and palette and allow the user to understand how to control the roughness of a brush, the amount of water, and a color picker in reference to a painter’s palette. Davinch is also equipped with a cradle that holds the brush when not in use. This product is a great example of how to digitize and reinvent traditional hobbies in ways that make it easier and more convenient for a faster-paced society to learn hobbies that would regularly require much more practice, time, and effort.

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An Award-Winning Product Designed to Improve and Teach Tennis

The Rover Pack Hopper is a sport, fitness, and recreational product invention created through Mako Designs’ top industrial design services by our client, Eric Coffman! Made for tennis players and fans everywhere, Eric’s inspiration for the ROVER Pack Hopper was to create a way to make it easier to carry everything you need to practice and play a great and efficient session of tennis. The ROVER Pack Hopper is a backpack specially made for tennis that is able to hold up to 85 tennis balls, as well as a large pocket for racquets, numerous small pockets for accessories, and mesh pockets for water bottles. The backpack is easy to carry and can be wheeled around easily around tennis courts and other terrains. With extendable legs, the ROVER Packhopper can raise tennis balls to the exact height that you need to help feed tennis balls to help work and practice on your service. If you want to watch yourself serve and practice, our Miami Product design Firm recommends trying out the ROVER Packhopper which can also hold your phone through a handy compartment and film you while your practice, making it possible to monitor and watch your progress.

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Learn How to Produce Music With this Compact Product

Another popular area of interest that a lot of people take time in developing as a hobby and skill is the practice of music! Although there are many different instruments and music avenues to choose from, approaching music through digital innovation has become to easiest way to learn how to produce and create music as a hobby. Designed by Roli is an innovative product design called Roli Blocks made to help introduce people into the world of music production. Users can easily load different sounds, loops, synths, and other instruments into the small digital device and use its touch surface to create combinations of music sounds. One aspect our Miami Product design Firm loves is that the Roli block is compact and features bright LED lights to act as visualizations for the beats you create, enhancing your experience in music-making.

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A Product Designed to Help You Get Fit Faster

With gyms under closure for most parts of the world right now, a lot of people are taking advantage of the summer by getting their exercise from outdoors. Whether you plan on starting a sport as a hobby or take up running a form of healthy cardio and exercise, as a new hobby is a healthy lifestyle change perfect for anyone. However, not everyone can just jump into strenuous exercise without overcoming a physical learning curve. With running especially, a lot of people face issues pertaining to stamina, energy, weak shins, and the most commonly known, side stitch. Designer Sebastian Halin designed the Nike+ Runaid, following the Nike Run brand, as an innovative device made to help those get better at running without experiencing pain. The handheld device registers to the users’ pulse and relays a series of appropriate breathing patterns through small vibrations to help keep them on track without disruptive feedback. The design is made to fit well under within the users’ hands and is made to have a firm grip in order to not slip out of the users’ hands while running.

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