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The Best Products That Every Runner Needs!

It’s no surprise that one of the top sports and apparel companies in the world, Nike, is looking for new and innovative ways to help athletes around the world have the best products to train with. A common issue that most runners constantly deal with are leg injuries, and shin splints that can cause serious damage to one’s ability to run for prolonged periods of time.

Research reveals that having the right type of shoe can change and improve one’s stride when running which helps with avoiding injury. Thus, Nike created the Reach Infinity Run. This shoe is specially designed to reduce injury by 52 percent!

The design includes 24 per cent more cushy foam than the regular shoe and a wider footbed, as well as a rocker with a 9mm drop, and a cushion that can last up to 600 miles. Our Texas product design specialists love the design of these because they prevent injuries away and enhance your stability while running!

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A Mako Client Product that Our Texas Product Design Specialists Love!

Created by one of our loyal clients, Harp Gahunia, Harp had a clear vision about creating a wearable tech device that surpasses the hundreds of wearable tech watches out on the market today. His vision was guided by observing the faults and problems that existed within popular models of existing wearable tech and focusing on eliminating those problems in order to give consumers an easier and elevated experience when using their devices. Thus, Kharaband was invented.

Our Texas product design specialists shares that the genius behind the Kharaband lies in its smart design in that while the watch features a super sleek and modern look, it performs the same functions as any other current-day wearable tech watch, except that the watch is designed to be more durable, offering an extended and more powerful battery life that lasts the user up to 5000 hours of wear and usage!

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A Product to Help Improve Your Running Pace!

Improving one’s pace is ultimately the goal of every runner, and with so many different methods out there, finding a good tech product to help is surely a smart tactic to help with improvement. Designed Byeongjun Kim noticed that a lot of runners actually face a lot of inconsistencies that exhaust runners while running instead of helping them. Thus, he designed the ‘Nike Baton’ as a way to help maintain and improve their pace.

Our Texas product design specialists love The Nike Baton because of how it helps each user receive feedback on their run through small vibrations. It uses the beginners’ pace to help aim to keep them at a consistent pace for the entirety of their run rather than slowing and speeding them up. It is designed in an easy, minimalist aesthetic that functions through a heart rate monitor on the side that works through contact with the user’s palm for an accurate reading.

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A Product Made to Help Your Nutrition for Better Athletic Performance!

Fans of nutrition and fitness know a lot about how much maintenance and effort goes into maintaining and regulating a healthy diet. Those who make the extra effort to track and count how much of what they’re eating definitely understand how much time in their day goes towards counting the exact measurements needed for their fitness and nutritional diets. Weighing food can be a tedious task. Intellipan is a genius invention our specialists love that makes it a seamless experience.

The Intellipan fuses a functional cooking pan with a built-in scale to help you weigh your food while you cook. The Intellipan is the perfect solution for nutrition and fitness fans, and it is also can help quicken and speed up the cooking and meal prep process for people everywhere. While this product doesn’t help necessarily improve your running, it is a great way to maintain and keep track of your nutrition which every fitness fan knows plays a big role in your athletic performance!

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