Dental Hygiene Products Chosen by Our Florida Industrial Design Agency

Our Favorite Innovative Dental Hygiene Products

An Innovative Toothbrush to Effectively Brush Your Teeth

Dental hygiene is extremely important, and with so many people using basic toothbrushes, there calls for a need to find a more innovative product that can effectively protect and keep people’s teeth clean. The dental company, DentFreak took dental hygiene to a new height and create the CleanFreak. CleanFreak is a toothbrush with a more ergonomic, efficient, and hygienic design that is sure to give your teeth a proper, deep, clean. Our Florida industrial design agency loves how the brush is designed to give each of your teeth a customary number of scrubs due to its strategically placed bristles. The brush is designed with a uniquely curved mouthpiece made of silicone that flexes to adjust to each jaw-shape. All you need to do is simply turn the toothbrush on, and in 30 seconds you are left with a deep clean!

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A Dental Hygiene Product for Your Pet!

Don’t forget that your pets need to keep their teeth clean and healthy too! Our Florida industrial design agency knows that dog owners can have it hard when cleaning your dog’s teeth, which is why pet products come in handy to get tough jobs done. Mira-Pet has designed an ultrasound Dog Toothbrush to help dog owners across the world effectively and efficiently keep their dog’s teeth clean. The toothbrush uses silent ultrasound technology to ensure a vibration-free cleaning experience for your dog. Simply lather the brush and runs along your dog’s upper and lower jaw for a deep clean of their teeth and jaw without worry that the brush will hurt your dog! Within less than 60 seconds your pup should have clean teeth!

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An Interesting Toothbrush Design our Florida Industrial Design Agency Loves!

Our Florida industrial design agency believes that with every innovative toothbrush comes along with it an interesting design! The Encompass is unlike any other toothbrush. Encompass’s design is made to strategically reduce brush time and effort but double the efficiency of giving a deep and proper, quick cleaning. What is special about the design of this innovative toothbrush is that its head is given a J-shape. The J-shape allows the brush to self-adjust to the shape of your jaw, covering both your upper and lower teeth with bristles that vibrate at 100 strokes a second! Each bristle gives the right pressure to properly clean your teeth for 10 seconds on each tooth. Encompass is a great example of how innovative shapes can give us a more effectively clean and improve functionality.

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A Sanitization Product Made for Your Toothbrushes

Sanitation has become a very popular and profitable market as concern over health has risen in the past months. One area that our Florida industrial design agency believes is important for sanitation is your toothbrush! The Ocean Bloom Slim is an innovative and smart solution for those who want to make sure their toothbrushes are clean and sanitized before use. The design includes two zones, one with an active ultraviolet zone that blasts the bristles of your toothbrush with UV-C light to microorganisms. The design also works well as a handy brush-holder for a clean and efficient storage solution.

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