Why Mako Design Believes Accessibility in Product Design is Vital

Why Mako Design Believes Accessibility in Product Design is Vital

MAKO Design + Invent – August 25, 2020

At our Oakland product development company Mako Design, we pride ourselves on our high quality and world-class design services. We understand that product design is more than just created a simple design, but using innovation to help push forward, progress, and really make a difference to society and the world around us. There are many ways in which product design can help others, and one huge way is through accessibility.  

What Does Our Oakland Product Development Company Define as an ‘Accessible Product?’

At Mako Design, our Oakland product development company understand that a successful product is always one that is easy to use and straightforward in its function. Having an accessible product means creating a product that is accessible and has easy usability so that people all around the world can enjoy and use it with ease. For product designers, making an accessible product is one of the utmost important goals since the goal of a product is for it to work the way it is designed to the world – with its function and purpose in mind. Creating an aesthetically pleasing product may be fun, but if the product is not accessible to people to use, then its purpose becomes redundant.

Oakland product development company

Invented by our client, Quan Pham, and designed by the Mako Team, the Companion Bike is a great example of accessibility in product design

Why Accessible Products are Important

Accessibility is a huge part of product design. Our Oakland product development company believes that not only is making a great product that is easy to use important for making a successful product guaranteed to bring in a profit for an up and coming small businesses, but it also shows empathy towards people who have a more difficult time getting around and getting things done. Product design is a big factor that can easily help or make someone’s day easier to get through, therefor having an accessible product is not only great for convenience but really positively affecting the lives of those who may have a more difficult time getting daily tasks done than others.

Our Oakland product development company follows the idea and understands the importance of the ‘social model’ – a frame that shows disability as a result of the relation between an individual and society due to encountering an external barrier that prevents them from performing a task of participating in experience (such as bad or inaccessible product design). This social model shows and creates higher expectations for designers when creating products in order to make products that don’t exclude, discriminate, or create a harder situation or experience than usual for people to perform tasks. Thus, accessible products are important because they allow everyone to participate in society and help make our world easier to live in – overall giving us a sense of belonging.

Oakland product development company

Clasp Magic, invented by our client Alison Brett and designed by the Mako Team is another great example of an accessible product!

Accessible products are not just products that can help people with disabilities, but also help contribute to society and everyone together as a whole. It is the goal of every designer, especially to our team of designers at our Oakland product development company Mako Design, to create better products, not just for art or aesthetics, but in order to help us create a more inclusive and innovative society.

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

MAKO Design + Invent is a full-service consumer product development firm servicing both high-growth corporate manufacturers and invention startups. With a 25-person team across 3 offices (Austin, England, Toronto), MAKO has complete in-house industrial design, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering design and prototyping services. To assist our start-up inventor clients, we also have a subsidiary branch called Mako Invent that, in addition to above, helps start-ups with patenting, strategy, marketing, and sales/distribution for all consumer product categories. For our corporate clients, MAKO Design develops world-class consumer electronics designs through our industrial, mechanical, and electrical design teams.

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