Our Florida Industrial Design Studio Lists Their Top Beer Products!

The Best Beer Product Designs!

A Genius Set Up Our Florida Industrial Design Studio Believes Everyone Needs

If you’re planning your last outdoor party or picnic before the summer ends and are looking for a smart and efficient way to stack your beers outdoors, the Fridge Monkey is a smart and innovative design to help! The Fridge Monkey is made out of a flexible rubber mat and comes designed with ridges to hold your beet bottles and cans in place.

Our Florida industrial design studio loves how the material of the mat helps build the pyramid structure for your bottles, making it the perfect way to make sure you have an accessible, stable structure for your beers that is sure to withstand any winds that may come its way. When finished, you can also place the Fridge Monkey in the fridge and have a space-saving solution for keeping bottles stacked away safely in your fridge.

Florida industrial design studio

A Beautifully Designed Bottle Opener

If you frequently like to enjoy a beer and are looking to enhance your experience, why not opt for a fancy bottle opener? Our Florida industrial design studio loves the design that Studio Dejawu has made for a beautiful bottle opener that would make not only a great gift for a big beer fan but also an aesthetic piece to add to your home.

The Bell Opener is a special design bottle opener that combines Scandinavian design with cross-functionality for a high-quality look available in a variety of finishes. You can use the Bell Opener as a bell to alert people at a gathering, event, or party of a toast and easily open your next bottle in no time!

Florida industrial design studio

A Sustainable Beer Packaging that Our Florida Industrial Design Studio Thinks is Genius

One aspect that our Florida industrial design studio loves about innovative product design is how it ties into sustainability, which helps us for our future. Product design and sustainability have even found a place among product design for beer, such as the Trebodur!

The Trebodur is an innovative material that changes the way we approach packaging for beer. It’s commonly known that the plastic packaging made to hold beer cans together is a dangerous risk to animals and contributes to a lot of pollution on our planet.

The Trebodur works to illuminate this by its material being made entirely of brewer’s spent grain. This means that the grain is self-sufficient and 100% biodegradable, making it perfect for parties or big events where a lot of beer is bound to be. Not only can it be used for beer packaging, but it can be a great substitute material for paper and plastic packaging and help eliminate harmful single-use waste.

Florida industrial design studio

A Beer Foamer to Enjoy the Perfect Pint of Beer

A true beer connoisseur knows that beer foam is vital to enjoying a great drink. Not only does the foam make the beer taste creamier, but it also allows you to not feel as full faster. Thus, this Beer Foamer is the perfect product to have in order to enjoy your beer with the right amount of foam.

Simply pour your beer into your glass and the remaining amount into the frothier, press the button on top to agitate and create the froth, and periodically pour more onto your beer! Our Florida industrial design studio loves how the Beer Foamer does an easy and quick job of frothing foam for your drink and allowing you to enjoy a classic pint of beer in no time.

Florida industrial design studio

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