Our Austin Product Development Agency on the 4th Season of Make48!

Catch Our Director of Design, Tim Uys, on the Latest Season of Make48, now Live!

This past year, our Austin product development agency, MAKO Design + Invent, was excited to hear about another season of the popular North American invention show, Make48, airing another season! As with the past couple of seasons of Make48, our director of design, Tim Uys, makes a special appearance on the show to help use his years of world-class design experience to help out the young, ambitious contestants on the show! We’re excited to announce that the season is finally airing live. Keep reading to learn more about Tim’s experience on the show, and how to catch him on the latest season four premiere of Make48!

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About Make 48

Make48 is an invention show competition that encourages young inventors to take part in a real-life challenge of taking a product from a simple napkin design to store shelves. The show’s structure is filmed in a documentary style, and the premise introduces multiple teams comprised of young inventors from across the nation who are given product challenges.

The teams must then build their inventions from simple napkin design to a product that can be sold on store shelves. After designing the product, the teams will present the product in front of the panel of judges with a website or video – all within 48 hours.

The top teams who win and impress the panel of judges win the opportunity to keep their intellectual property, acquire a license agreement, and have their product go to market. We are proud as an Austin product development agency to be able to be a part of this amazing TV program and support their efforts in encouraging innovation and design for youth across North America.

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Our Director of Design, Tim Uys, is on Make48!

In the fourth season of Make 48, Tim will be assisting the contestants in developing the 3D CAD models needed for their product inventions. Tim offered and suggested the best practices in helping them create their designs and get them to the point where their products can be 3D printed for prototyping or machining.

Looking back on our Austin product development agency’s past years of filming with Make48, Tim loved how much more the Make48 team and show have progressively evolved! The production and overall quality of filming and preparation have greatly improved! Moreover, Tim found that it was easier for the contestants to create their invention ideas, as they were given an idea of the type of product they would be creating beforehand.

Whereas past seasons left the contestants with less time to create their ideas after the announcement of the theme. Tim was glad to see that the participants had more time to think through their ideas and come up with a greater plan to create, execute and present their inventions to the judges with the extra time they had.

Overall, the fourth season was captivating, innovative, well-planned, and overall a great experience that Tim, as well as our Austin-based product development agency, enjoyed being a part of!

Here’s a short clip of Tim on the first episode of season 4 of Make 48!

Watch the latest episode here!

Check out the Make48 Website:  https://make48.com/

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