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The Newest Innovative Designs For Backpacks

October 28, 2020

The Weatherproof Backpack Our Miami Industrial Design Specialist Loves

If you’re just as eager to get out on the road and travel once again, the Shell backpack is perfect for just that. The Shell backpack is designed with a weatherproof design, expandable storage, and a bunch of modular elements that make it perfect to store everything you need for the perfect trip. The backpack features a wardrobe system that allows you to store clothes in your bad just like a closet! There’s also a dedicated section for your laptop, charger, and tech devices to keep it protected from other items you may keep with you or water damage! Our Miami industrial design specialist loves how the exterior of the bag comes with multiple pockets and a fold-out compartment for as much storage and convenience as possible. You can remove its wardrobe feature and move it to your closet to move your belongings with ease.

Miami industrial design consultant

A Military-Inspired Backpack

Military bags are designed for a purpose, but why shouldn’t our own bags be? Instead of spending minutes rummaging through your bag trying to find one item, the Osuza Canvas comes with a great military-bag-inspired design to solve exactly that. The inside of the Osuza Canvas features an organizational system that gives each of your items its own designated space. The interior design is customizable and can hold all your items – no matter how big or small. The design is foldable, expandable, full of pockets, and can hold up to 40 liters. Our Miami industrial design specialist noticed the genius of the bags pull tab which allows the bag to open up and spread all your items out to pick anything out with ease. The bag is lined from end-to-end and is weatherproof to help you keep your items safe and secure.

Miami industrial design consultant

A Backpack Perfect for Pet Owners Recommended by Our Miami Industrial Design Specialist

If you’re a pet owner, you probably understand the trouble that goes with having to bring your pet from one place to another – especially during a move or vet visit. Our Miami industrial design specialist recommends all pet-owners to check out Carrio designed by Sunghoon Park! Carrio is an innovative backpack design solution that helps pet-owners easily provide a safe and comfortable way to carry your pets around. The backpack is both versatile and modular. The bag can be used as a bed or a resting spot for your pet, however, when you’re ready to take your pet out, the bag transforms into a carrier including two modules and two customizable straps for comfort and convenience! The carrier can change from a backpack to a duffle bag for larger pets. The genius behind the bag is how it functions both as a resting spot for your pets at home, making them more used to and comfortable within the bag once transformed into a carrier!

Miami industrial design consultant

A Transformable Backpack Made for On the Go Travel

If you’re constantly on the go or travel often, having an all in one backpack that is quality made and can both double as a carry on and travel bag is vital for your lifestyle. Our Miami industrial design specialist recommends the Flex Foldable Trolley backpack, a backpack that transforms into a cabin-sized travel case! The trolley can be wheeled or carried like a briefcase. The bag can expand to double its size, holding up to 30 liters. The bag features easy-access compartments and comes with a transparent case for liquids, making it perfect for travel. The slim format of the bag makes it perfect for short trips or running around the city, whereas the expanded design is perfect for travel and can even fit an extra pair of shoes. The easily transformable design makes for a seamless and convenient experience that anyone who has a lot to take with them on the go would appreciate.

Miami industrial design consultant

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