Our Florida Invention Design Agency’s Top Two-in-One Inventions

The Latest Two-in-One Inventions

A Perfect Two-in-One Invention Made for Dog Owners!

Our Florida invention design agency believes that walking your dog can count as a multitasking effort all in itself! Products made to help us have an easier time taking care of our pets are not only great for pet care in itself but also help us save more time and effort throughout our busy day.

TailHigh has created a Two-in-One Hybrid Dog Harness that conquers two tasks for us at once when walking our dogs – a sturdy leash and harness to keep our pup secure! Both the leash and harness and designed together in one that helps save the trouble of carrying an additional leash that needs to be attached to a separate harness.

The harness is lightweight and retractable with a tape-type leash that can extend up to 5 feet. It’s made with a soft foam that makes it comfortable to hold as well as comfortable for your pup to wear!

Florida invention design agency

The Two-in-One Kettle That Helps Save Space and Time!

When living in compact or small places, making sure you have the right equipment that fits on a countertop all while saving as much space as possible can be a challenge. Luckily, our Florida invention design agency understands that through innovation, we can count on new products to help us with space-saving solutions.

The MultiKettle designed by Jang Younghee is a smart two-in-one product design that helps us save both our space and money. Rather than buying two separate kettles, this multifunctional product combines the two in order to make a convenient product that can help you get more done at once.

The Multikettle features a bottom and top kettle to help you prepare and boil water for two separate jobs and at two different temperatures. The top compartment can even be switched into a blender, making the product even more functional. 

Florida invention design agency

Our Florida Invention Design Agency Client, Dolce Dog, and the Leash Mitten!

Designed by our very own team at our Florida invention design agency, Mako Design is the Leash Mitten for our client, DolceDog! The Leash Mitten is the perfect two-in-one solution for all dog walkers across the world. As seasons begin to get colder and colder, those who own dogs and dog walkers begin to dread heading out and walking their dogs in the cold.

As harsh winds and snow make it more uncomfortable for dog owners to hold their leashes, it can be a struggle to carry a tight grip on your dog’s leash while walking them around – especially if they happen to be bigger dogs. Luckily, the Leash Mitten was designed to solve all dog owners’ and walkers’ problems during the cold seasons.

Designed with a waterproof and plush fleece lining material, the Leash Mitten is made for a more comfortable and warm experience that actually allows you to enjoy your daily dog walks during the winter!

The mitten comes with an adjustable elastic drawstring so that it fits comfortably around any wrist and a durable plastic D ring to even hold your keys and poop bags! Not only is the leash mitten a great glove for the winter, but it helps carry your additional items in a secure place while you walk your dog.

Florida invention design agency

A Two-in-One Lamp Our Florida Invention Design Agency Loves

Incorporating house plants into our interior design has become a huge trend over the past couple of years, and with the weather getting colder, having a few natural plants around can really boost our moods! If you feel like you may not have enough space or time to care for a house plant, this two-in-one lamp and plant potholder that our Florida invention design agency loves!

The Ring is a ceiling, pendant, and floor lamp fixture that transforms to fit multiple pots for house plants! The pots can be positioned within the centre of the lamp, becoming a centrepiece for your interior design. The lamp is strategically designed so that the plants can grow as naturally as possible around the fixture while the lamp diffuses a soft light that can help the plants get the light they need.

Florida invention design agency

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