Our Toronto Invention Design Studio Showcases the Ring Keeper!

Client Spotlight: Dhérèse – The Ring Keeper!

The team at our Toronto invention design studio, Mako Design, loves to take on new and innovative projects. Every day we look forward to connecting with our clients, inventors, and new small business owners to help them bring their innovative ideas to life! The Mako Design team was excited to take on a new project from Dhérèse owned by our client Dawn Ronfeld who invented her newest product, the Ring Keeper! Keep reading below to learn more about Dhérèse and how our Toronto invention design studio helped work on the Ring Keeper.

About Dhérèse

Working as a schoolteacher, Dawn came across many instances in which she found herself not knowing where to put her rings. Whether she was at the gym, nail salon, or playing outdoor sports, it was vital for her to find a safe and secure place to keep her rings and keep them from getting scratched or lost. Not only did she encounter this problem herself but noticed that her friends and family around her were also having similar issues, thus, she decided to find a solution to this problem and created the Ring Keeper!

The Ring Keeper is a specially designed and portable safe space to keep your rings while you’re on the go. When faced with different activities and don’t want to risk losing or damaging your rings, the Ring Keeper provides a safe and secure place for you to keep your rings, instead of tossing them in your purse, wallet, or pockets, where it is more likely to get lost or fall out. The Ring Keeper was designed with an anti-tarnish fabric lining and elasticated internal pockets. The zipper mini case keeps all your individuals rings safe from being scratched, pulled, or from losing small pieces (i.e., diamonds). The Ring Keeper comes with a lobster claps feature that allows you to secure the ring keeping to your purse, keys, belt, or bag so that all your possessions stay together and you know exactly where everything belongs. The Ring Keeper is currently available in three different colors and comes to you in a protective velvet pouch!

Toronto invention design studio

How Our Toronto Invention Design Studio Helped Work on the Ring Keeper

The Mako Design team was excited and eager to learn all about Dawn’s problem-solving invention and couldn’t wait to start thinking of some great design ideas to help encompass the function and purpose of the Ring Keeper. The project was taken on by our industrial designer at our Toronto invention design studio, Paul Davis, who worked on initial and final concept design and concept sketches of the Ring Keeper. After sketches and designs were complete, Paul moved on to working on the prototype for the Ring Keeper and experimented with different materials that would efficiently keep all rings safe, secure, and damage-free. Once prototyping was complete, the Mako Design team was happy to help Dawn through the production stage of her product. The team at our Toronto invention design studio, Mako Design is extremely proud to see the product ready to launch and can’t wait to see its success in the market!

Toronto invention design studioToronto invention design studioToronto invention design studio

Dhérèse website: https://www.dherese.com/

Follow Dhérèse on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DhereseDesignCorp

Follow Dhérèse on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dheresedesigncorp/

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